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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What Alls A'Doing

(Originally 1/3/07)

Here we are in 2007. What's it all about?

People my age are remarking about how fast time is going by. I've been busy enough not to notice. I'm busy being wrapped in a fog of Heroism and just loving this aspect of human nature. This is the best part of ourselves; sacrifice, nobility, caring for the fellow man, wanting your human brother/sister be the best they can be and helping them do that. Bonding instead of rifting. Loving instead of hating. It's all so very Jesus, and yet it isn't.

Is it Subtle Jesus? Like, undercover Jesus sneaking into my life to improve it just because He loves me, and its more important to Him that I'm happy than it is that I succeed in finding another way to worship Him? Or maybe, in my observations of finding Him in the good times, I am worshipping him?

Whatever the explanation, I want to worship Him, and I get to feeling guilty whenever I find myself worshipping man rather than the Creator. So I look for the Creator's hand in what's going on, because I struggle with believing that man is good without Him. I believe in, and have seen too much evidence not to believe in, original sin. Most people in the world, if left to their own inclinations, will do something negative. That's why Heroes are so attractive. To see the "better angels of our nature" is like taking a fresh swig of air in a smoky room. We're so innundated with "the evil that men do" that any good deed is revered.

So hooray for heroes! Hooray for divinity and the possibility that God is at work, even if He's using someone in a superhero costume to do it. I love it. I want to be a better person, and I want to hang out with the same kind of people. I want to be lifted, and I want to lift others. It's what I went to Bible school for, it's what I thought I was supposed to be a preacher for, it's what I turned my education into a Counseling degree, and it's why I work in mental health.

I want us to be better.

We can be better.

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