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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Someday We'll Sit Back And Have Such A LAUGH

(Originally 4/12/07)

Yes, I deleted my beautiful post, called The Moon And New York City. Because while speaking to the subject in question, she asked for the blog address and I scrambled to my blogger controls, stalling her, so I could erase it lest she read it.

It didn't work. The page stalled longer than I did, and I told her the address, fully believing that I'd have the chance to delete before I finished the syllables. I didn't. She read it. I only deleted the way a person would drop the last bottle of Pepsi onto the ground after the other 11 out the the dozen has already shattered. I could have kept it, but the crashing tragedy and loss of possession was already done.



So now that she knows what I was considering, how will it turn out for our hero?

Well, we spoke not too long ago and it's going to be okay. She just happens to be going through another, different phase than I am right now. We're not as in sync as I thought we might be.

But we're still going to have a good time tomorrow night. I marvel that people are so NOT me. My reactions, thankfully, are not the same as others' reactions. She even said it was a good post. And she was mad at me for deleting it!

So go figure.

So, Childhood Bud, you're off the hook. I narcced on my own self. No Harry. No Sally. No Worries.

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Scott said...

Sounds like a real nail biter. I would freak too. There are so many people that I would like to tell about my blog, but it would be too embarrassing to know they read certain things.
3:42 PM