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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Last Destitute Week I'll Ever Have

(Originally 2/12/07)

Welcome to the last week of destitution I'll ever have. I hope it was good for you.

On Friday, the last credit collection agency snatched its money from my account. This "settlement" took away my 5-years' long outstanding balance with a major bank which was in excess of $4000 originally. Small potatoes for some, I know.

But my only bills now are student loan, car insurance, internet bill, gym membership, City of Heroes fee, and cellular service. Health insurance comes out of my pay automatically.

Now, well, at-the-end-of-the-week payday, is the time to set up my remote savings account. A friend told me about ING Direct and Emigrant Savings which both yield like 5% interest. But for me the best part is that I can't snatch the money back through an ATM. I'll know the terms better when I go looking.

So I will have;

1) a checking account for bills,

2) a checking account for spending (this is the area I generally go crazy in, but out of this account will go the repay for two personal loans from friends as well. They told me "Pay me back whenever" so I don't have to go broke week after week dumping money on them like I had to do with the debt collectors. Yet, I will still be able to peel a check for them because now, I will have it), and

3) a savings account for my Year's Rent Get Out Of This Basement And Finally FINALLY Grow Up Fund.

And My Hero's a friend of mine as well. So how alright is that then?

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