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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Let's Get Adult

(Originally 4/27/07)

A ways back I was led to a blog about a guy going through a divorce. His pain was raw and his language frank. He has since completed the divorce and moved out on his own. He shares two sons with his now-ex and is branching out into the dating world. Believe me, it has only been a matter of months since I started going over there, and he has already juggled two women. Naked.

For me, his blog was/is both an exercise in voyeurism and humanity. I was drawn to his pain and reached out a few times to give him what I thought would be good advice about mourning the loss of his marriage. Then I began to feed on the content for my own needs. He sometimes posted pretty explicit details about his sexual attempts and habits. He sometimes posted drunk. He mostly posted his pain and his dreams for his future. I enjoy it all. I went from the teacher to the student.

So in his last post, he waxed about his fantasies. Quite tame, they are, and well written. Then he invited we readers to comment our own fantasies. And I was just in the right mood to do so. And so I will reprint it here, with a recaptured video for your viewing pleasure.

We've just come in from a late night formal event. Me still in my tux and she radiant in her evening gown. I've turned on Sade -- "Kiss of Life", set the CD player to repeat. We're still caught up in the mood and we slow-dance. Just wrapped up in each other. She takes my hand and leads me to the balcony. I'm behind her, my hands flat against her belly. Manhattan is sprawled out before us, traffic swimming in rivers of light. She's swaying her hips to the music, brushing the front of me with her pert bottom until she can feel what she's looking for.

And then, like a good little husband, I hike up her dress and give it to her under the city sky.

And re:Sade in the above video; She is why I want to stay hetereo. So. So beautiful.

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