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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Here We Go

(Originally 2/5/07)

So why haven't I blogged about joining Match.com? Same reason I haven't answered many of the e-mails they send me. I'm cynical. And actually, I hadn't "joined"--just did that "for free" sign up thing when I lived back in Trenton. And then, of course, in Trenton, I had the go 'round with Valentine's Day Girl and my Last Girlfriend, so Match.com became obsolete.

Until today.

I saw a profile that intrigued me. I'm hesitant to put her description here, lest she cleverly find it and the blog. But it was really dynamic. She writes. She's a teacher of special ed. She loves NYC and dancing. She's in her mid thirties. She doesn't smoke. She doesn't drink. She's never been married. She wants children. She wants a smart man and her cutoff age for him is 42. She lives 15 mins away from my NJ town. She says she doesn't fall in love easily. She say's she's 5'4", and she's looking for a man who starts at 5'7". I am, indeed, 5'7". And she's cuuute.

CUUUuute. (New edit: In fact, she looks incredibly like Corinne Bailey Rae. I just realized this as I opened up "Butterfly" on my work's laptop. I swear.)

So I balled up some money and threw it at Match.com for the privilege to send her an e-mail. Just to see what's what. That was like paying for the first date--but I didn't even get to go anywhere.

So here we go. You should all know that I used your encouragements and being fed-up with all my bellyaching to open my match.com email today, and see what happened?

So please don't leave me now! I'm terrified, but I'll let you know.

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Alan said...

Scott said...

Cool thing about Match, is that if one doesn't work out, you can keep on trying. My officemate does it, and he swears by it. He dates quite a bit, and he's no ladies man by any stretch. I know married couples that met there, and another friend who lives with a girl he met there. Don't get your hopes all set on the very first one, but I certainly hope it works out. From what I can gather, match is a numbers game. It's a bit crude, but my dad used to tell me that if you throw enough (fecal matter) against the wall, some of it will eventually stick.
3:48 PM

Alan said...

Lovely chap, that Dad of yours. (g) <--- What does that mean, anyway?

My Friend The Doctor once told me that I'm guilty of "splitting". It's either all or nothing with me. Which I've been alert to ever since the heads-up. (Yes, he's THAT kind of doctor.)

So I prolly sound like all my hopes are on this one because they kind of are. I have a hard time believing I'll see all these found qualities in someone else.

But I guess it's possible, right?
5:20 PM

Scott said...

It's just that finding a true match is complex. So many tiles have to fall in place for it to work. Had I met my wife a year before or after we had, instead of at a time when both of us were in the exact right place in our minds for a new relationship, it never would have happened.

What my dad is saying, is that you have to play the odds, and not get down when one of your bets doesn't work out. You keep playing. Easier said than done, right?

Of course, this girl could turn out to be the one. Eventually the one you meet will be, so why not her?
8:02 AM

Alan said...

Well, she will have to respond to my e-mail, which she hasn't done yet. So your advice is sound. ;-)

Oh, and I meant, what does THIS ---> (g) mean?
8:21 AM
Eliel Mamousette said...

(g) usually means "grin", I think.

Either way, at least you're not this guy: http://salon.com/mwt/feature/2007/02/08/eric_schaeffer/index.html
8:29 AM

Alan said...

Eliel, dag!

How do you know I'm not that guy? That was too much for my fragile ego to handle. If I'm him in three years, you'd better call the suicide watch for me.

Gosh. He's going to kill it for guys like me.

And what's worse--according to his present entry, he's in a relationship now!

Is that hopeful or should I bang my head into the keys like Schroder?
10:03 AM