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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let's Not Leave It On That Note

Doing a search for my new address/blog led me to find a post I made two years ago, along with some additional info. So I give you, Toto!!

Jam ON!!

Incorrectly, I also posted that Bobby Kimball did "I'll Be Over You," but according to all the videos of that song that I've found, I see it was Steve Lukather. Bobby's voice is the famous high-HIGH one that, if you're familiar with Toto songs, you'll hear in "Rosanna" and "Africa". ("It's gonna take a lot to drag me aWAYYYYYY form YOOUUUUUU". That's Bobby.) But as it turns out, Steve is the lead for my three favorites, "...Over You," "Georgy ...", and "I Won't Hold You Back." So here is a more recent one, rather than the 80's version because it's so much cooler live (it's minus the 80's hair and Flashdance clothes), and I like seeing a 40-something year old man killing the song! GO my generation!!

Plus, I think Steve got better-looking with age, even if his voice got grittier. Compare;

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