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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Physician, Heal Thyself.

(Originally 3/27/07)

So the sensitivity training was first supposed to be taught by my boss, then he gave it to another girl that he calls up in a pinch for stuff (they've worked together for a long time. She'd make a great Assistant Director, but I was the one with the degree.) Then he wanted me to train it with her. Then he pulled her somewhere else and believed I could do the training alone.

And he was right. I could and did. As soon as I connect to whoever I'm training, I'm fine. And this subject matter was actually just what I needed to hear. It was the goal of the training to make the staff more aware of the needs of our clients and how to avoid being insensitive to them. In rehearsing what our own needs are, I attempted to make them more empathetic to the clients by showing that they had the same needs.

And in rehearsing the needs, I found out that my own needs are not unusual. Why do I have to keep being reminded of that? You guys would have laughed, or at least smiled like a loon to watch me saying "We all need someone in our lives who appreciate us, right? Someone who encourages us and likes to be around us? It makes us feel good--like we're worth something. Wouldn't you agree?"

Heheh. Yeah, that was me saying that. And yup, that's me now agreeing with that.

And that's what I missed as I rode 6 hours away from my friends and towards George's basement.

So let me call my peeps and get me some love up in here.

Nothing wrong with it.

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