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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

All Caught Up Now!

Now I will reverse engineer the old blog, deleting the copied entries and pasting the relevent Comments under the appropriate messages. (Listener feedback (teehee) is very important to me and I don't want to lose any of your precious words). So the former blog will be about my hobbies, including my writing, e.g. the novel, future short stories, the audio drama. I will post a link here whenever I update the former blog with creative stuff, so that you, my friends in the blogosphere, can browse only this one source instead of checking back there for nothing.

But this here. This is about Me.

Strolling through memory lane was bittersweet. I see the obstacles and I see where I cleared some. There's both hope and grim determination in these pages.

Today was my first session with my therapist. She's a Dr. And she's attractive! And she's a little bit skittish, it appeared. Kind of brittle, with a tremulous voice. But I did all the talking today, catching her up to speed on Me. These blogging pages helped trememndously. I knew my whole story quite concisely. No wasted sessions digging and rooting around to find my hidden nuggets.

I hope she was able to follow me. She took three pages of notes.

Next week, it'll be her turn to talk. Her task, rescue me from This Alone Life.

I hope she can.

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