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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Date With Grim Jester

(Originally 12/23/06)

Heehee. He'd hate that I was posting this.

But I will say that he took me out today to eat at a pretty nice seafood joint in a part of NYC that I'd say belonged in a Stephen King novel. I expected Colm Feore any moment to appear on the streets and tell us all "Give me want I want, and I'll go away."

He is one of the new rounds of ammunition in my holster that I am using to fight back the holiday blahs. Our relationship is usually adversarial, because he's just that kind of guy, but he's also a major reason why I lost 25 lbs, and why I survived my eviction from NYC. When I let him know that I'm really hurting, even if he's the cause of it, he has always comes through for me. Seeing that part of him makes all the jousting worth it.

Now here's a bit of a surprise -- and I think this happened last year too. My Benefactor gave me two nights in his time share holiday spot in NYC. Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. He didn't want to see the year's allotments go to waste. He also claims he's remained sober these two months and I haven't the heart to call him a liar to his face, or even through the floorboards. I, in fact, hope it's true but I don't think so. Nevertheless, I'm staying in the city over the holiday.

And lastly, my Blind Hero called me up the other night and asked what my plans were for the holiday, and when I told him, he solicited an invite to the holiday spot. His family is all in another country, and he lost his father some months ago, so I know he'd be lonely if I didn't get with him on Christmas. But you know what? So would I. Not to mention My Hero, My Hero The Cop, The Grim Jester, My Freind The Doctor, and My Mentor have been modeling friendship for me like a pantheon from Olympus. Because of them, I didn't feel right turning away my Blind Hero when he needed me.

I hope nobody reading this is alone for Christmas either.


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