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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sensitive, Part II

And now I learn that I can forgive.

Being sensitive also means that I want to restore the relationship. I want to feel good again, and I want the other person to feel good again too.

I've learned that I can trust again.

I've learned that being hurt doesn't destroy me.

This is good. So, so very good.

Because that woman in my future is not going to be perfect. She will slip up and hurt me, at times. And I will do the same to her. And I've been running away from that thought. It's been terrifying.

But I now have been shown a glimpse of how it's really supposed to work. You work through it. You don't give up. You bear the pain. You hash it out. You be honest. You stay open.

You reach an understanding.

You forgive each other.

You forgive yourself.

You keep loving.

I can do that.

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