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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And One More Other Thing.

Following up this post, I find that blogger has added me to his blogroll. In honor, I shall return the compliment. I urge people to check him out. He went through a real rough patch and now he's getting back into the dating scene, and can use all the thoughtful encouragement that you can spare. Personally, I think he's doing better than I ever would. I might have to start considering him as My Adult Hero.


Beth said...

Alan, you went to Scott's blog and asked if I minded your coming to my blog. The more the merrier. I tried to find your blog and am not sure which is which.

Alan said...

You've found the right place, Beth! I hope my profile also leads here. The link to by former blog is in the header, and now it is just where I put the stuff where I don't mind casual Googlers discovering when they are searching for My Hero by his name, and I get linked into their searches.

But this place is more adult and personal, and I'm not willing to share it with every 13 year-old fan looking My Hero up, because some of them also know me, and there's some information about me that they don't need to know. Respect to the 13 year-olds. :-)

Alan said...

Meanwhile, I popped by your place, and it was a feast to the eyes. I love that shade of green. Thanks for the open door. :-)