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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Did You Hear It Crack Again ...?

(Originally 1/24/07)

Corrine Bailey Rae;

Permitted to sing on stage with the jazz band when business was slow, it was there that she discovered a different type of music that sent her on a different musical path: "I kept hearing this jazz and soul stuff and I realised I loved that music too." It was there also that she met a saxophone player called Jason Rae, whom she eventually married in 2001 at the age of 22. "I was Corinne Bailey. I added on Rae, my husband's name, when I got married. There's no hyphen; stops it being posh!"

I was going to post about how I discovered that I actually love this woman. I've been putting it off for days, what with everything else going on. Then I discovered she has a MySpace page and I was going to start the ball rolling.

No, seriously. I was going to reach out and make a connection and try to make it really happen. Because I think as long as she smiles that smile at me and crinkle her eyes the way she does, I would be able to withstand anything. I saw a half-second clip of her taking a bow after a song and she smiled and I nearly fell to my knees. And I was thinking, well if Dame Judi won't have me, and if Jennifer Hudson is shouting out her boyfriend every time she wins an award, then I might as well go with my true love.

What makes me think these beautiful women are sitting on the roadside waiting for me to drive by? There aren't like me, an old timid wreck who ...

Ah, nevermind. Whatever. I have some better news for the next post...

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