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Thursday, August 9, 2007

TV Wasteland

Where have I been? Working on my hobby. It has kept me TV-free for the last few days, but tonight something went terribly wrong and I turned on the tube. (There wasn't really a "terribly wrong". Just me giving in to the ennui that was hanging around my head at about 7:00 this evening.)

So I surfed the telly and discovered/rediscovered two things.

1) I am a big girl.

I started watching a movie called "In Her Shoes" which was one big chick flick. I could not, nor would I, stop watching it. I saw every character development telegraphed as though I wrote it myself, and yet I did not turn away. and when the notes were struck, I cried like an itty bitty.

I have learned from one of my linked blogs a few days ago that crying can be a turn-off for some ladies. Didn't stop me tonight, though.

My crying trigger is love and family. Let someone enjoy or mourn a family relationship--be it spouse, sibling, parent, or child, and I will cry.

Cry because I am projecting myself into the situations and then feeling my own emptiness.

2) George Carlin is a genius.

The second program was George Carlin at Carnegie Hall in 1982. I was spellbound by his performance. His "Seven Words You Can't Say on TV" is not a scratch on the surface of his genius.

His delivery is full of gestures and voices and expressions which I realized has slipped into many, many people's style of communication. They probably don't even know where they picked it up from, but George Carlin is possessed by the zeitgeist of American comedy.

And that's just his delivery. His material is a reflection of his busy, brilliant mind.

And finally, he's one macho, muscular, stud bastard of a performer. Forget all the assery he's done in movie roles--watch him perform his own material. What a man!

And that's all really. There's an accounting for you who might be curious. I have to go back to work now to make good adventurous fun. And then in the daytime, I have to be my boss and run my department for the two weeks that he's off. Tonight I got a page from a client situation and it was just like my job in Trenton again! I don't miss that job! And I don't want my boss' job! I like being the assistant, thank you very much!


Blindsighted One said...

Crying is good. I cry a lot these days. It's cathartic though emotionally draining.

Alan said...

Yeah it is.

I prescribe George Carlin immediately after every crying jag. :-)

Kimberly said...

If you think George Carlin is brilliant on tv, you should see him in person. Truly a master.

If George Carlin is unavailable for emotional rebounds, I recommend "Whose Line Is It Anyway," either the British or the American version. I am constantly in awe of the creativity displayed on this show. I wish I could see *that* in person. Whew.