When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Nothing really. I just have a case of the Blue Tuesdays. Which is a lot like the Blue Mondays except it's a day late and about $25,000.00 short.

I still have to get my cat out of George's house. I offered the cat to a known cat-lover at work who is currently mulling it over. She lost her 10-year old cat a few weeks ago, so she's a little cat-shy, but she's also catless right now.

I call my cat "cat" because I can't really do this if I consider the cat as a person. Because I can't abandon a person. But I abandoned my cat.

I suck.

Hopefully this woman will take my cat.

Anyway, it's cold and rainy and dark-ish. That's kind of depressing. And next week, I'll be working 76 hours a week for an unknown amount of time. That's kind of depressing too. I didn't watch Dane Cook this morning either. So no laughies there. I'll be going to my therapist in about a half-hour, so that's alright then. But I don't have any money to give her today, so I'll have to ask her to let me pay 2x next time.

I'm in no mood to work with my clients, today, either. I don't want to hear their problems, which mostly consists of not tolerating their roommates due to their own organic brain problems. So it's just a matter of finding compromise to impose on their situation, since I won't be able to reason with them to change their thinking. They're developmentally disabled, you see. Back in the day, they were broadly categorized as just "retarded". But I like political correctness, and I have no problem skipping that label. And when I'm feeling better, I do believe they can change their thinking. Even if they can't, I'd still believe they can. And sometimes ... they do.

But this morning? Fuhgedaboutit. This is a sick day just waiting to happen.

Would a significant other change this? Help me get through it better? Or add one more thing for me to fret about today?

Hmm. I guess a GOOD significant other would be nice. Someone to cuddle my blues away ...

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