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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good News ... Bad News

Good news is that I got that second job I mentioned earlier.

Bad news is that I'm being scheduled for 36 hours a week. Mon-Fri.

Good news is that this is much more extra money than I expected--and it's a weekly paycheck (I think I remember that it is).

Bad news is, what kind of time am I going to have for recreation? Serious recreation? Well--there are always the weekends.

Good news is that I don't start for another week.

The other good news is that it's Barnes & Noble cafe again. Check my brain at the door and relax kind of work. Talk to people and make nice kind of work. Get discounts at Barnes & Nobles kind of work.

Best good news is that it doesn't have to be forever. Goodbye debt.


GrizzBabe said...

I have been working multiple jobs for so long that I can hardly remember a time when I just worked one job.

At least you have your weekends free. Unfortunately, I do not and that's the thing that wears on me the most.

Alan said...

How did you meet your boyfriend when there's no free time? That's the real problem.

One part of me says, "It's just a temporary gig," but the other part says, "All these temporary gigs pushed you into your Forties without a love."

GrizzBabe said...

Ha! The Internet. I stumbled onto his blog and made a comment. He visited my blog and made a comment. We started emailing. And the rest is history.

The no-time factor is aided by the fact that we live in two different states. I am free to do my own thing because I don't have to focus on him 24/7.

The cost of plane tickets is a bitch though! It's very expensive to date someone long-distance.

Alan said...

*cue the ding sfx of Alan just getting a clue*

That's actually awesome. Is your boyfriend on a blogroll of anyone you and I frequent? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

WOW. My heart has sped up a little. All these thoughts I'm putting out--and some of the awesome people who have left me comments--wow. That would solve so much of my anxiety--reading this blog tells y'all just about everything about me. If someone could still see themselves with me after everything I've spilled--just wow.

That would be awesome. I'd better get that camera and make sure my e-mail address available!

Wow ... that would be amazing.

GrizzBabe said...

I just sent you an email.