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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Squeeze

My GEICO policy doubled because of the accident in March. They tell me it's because of the amount they had to pay out to the other party (which equals to 'points'). They offered to let me ask questions of the department which determined that, but after forcing the ultimate answer out of her, which is that they don't change their rules, I told her "no, I don't want to ask questions," and thereby spared myself an anyeurism brought on by disgust and fury. They know the circumstances of the accident. It was an icy road and I lost control of the car. That does not matter to them. They had to pay, so I have to pay.

How is that "insurance"? It's more like "car accident credit". I still have to pay for the damages, but over a long period of time (like, forever, it seems). Plus I have to pay the insurance company anyway, even if there were no accident, just so that I can legally drive a car. It's not "insurance". It's "extortion".

I've also learned today that in the state of New Hampshire, you don't need car insurance to legally drive your car.

I used to like that little gecko. Now his cool little voice mocks me. He represents an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt system.

What I'm going to do is get some of this fly-by-night no-name insurance that I see advertised in subways and on street corners. The stuff written in Spanish with English subtitles. The stuff which is probably illegal or run by the mob. But if it saves me money, and it lets me keep driving, then I'm going to do it. I'll just never drive on a icy day again, ever.

Oh sometimes I hate the world.

SO much.


Shesawriter said...

It's BS, Alan. We had to go through the same thing when our daughter totaled the car. FORTUNATELY, she walked away from it with just a minor injury to her finger. But the insurance company had to get their pound of flesh. We had a $25 rate increase afterward. I hate them. Absolutely hate them. But we need them, so it's a very prickly relationship.


Blindsighted One said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you have a good weekend.