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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Street Terrorism Begins ...

Down in my Dane Cook YouTube post, the center clip shows Dane's take on crying. The tagline of that segment is, "I did my best! I did my best!"

Well, I DID do my best. And no I haven't wept buckets of muscular tears about it, but ... I got my first parking ticket since moving back to NYC. Street terrorists.

The ticket is for being within 6 ft. of a fire hydrant. It was the only spot available on a Saturday night. And I don't think I was much closer than maybe 5 ft. 4ft. at the least. It's a spot I've seen others do. Heck, I've done it before and gotten no ticket.

So I marked it "Not-Guilty" and sent it in. Fire trucks would have been able to use the hydrant -- I wasn't blocking it. I was doing no one any harm at all. Let's see what happens. To me, it's a blatant scheme to raise money for NYC. And that money is $110.00. Do they really think I should be happy to pay $110.00 because of 1 or 2 feet of space? (Well, given the price of buying parking spots, they most obviously do).

It's ludicrous. I refuse to regret this decision of moving here, but let me just reassure you--it does have it's downsides. In addition to the accident increase of my insurance, it also went up $840 per 6-months because I moved here too.

But ... I did my best--ahHUHU-HUH-- I.. I did my best--HUHUhhh-AHUHHHNN---


Oh! I forgot to mention--I walked by David Hyde-Pierce yesterday on the Upper West Side, on Broadway! His clothes were casual, he had on a baseall cap (no specific team, just the style), and was talking on his phone. Can I tell you, about 90% of all celebs I walk by on NYC city streets are talking on their phones. I'm beginning to believe there's no one on the other end. I think it's a tactic they use to keep from being interrupted as they go to and fro. Ally Sheedy was not on a phone when I saw her walking her Greyhound-thin type dog on Central Park West a few weeks ago. But I left her alone anyway.

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