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Saturday, August 11, 2007

See? This Is Kind Of What I Meant...

...about Harlem and what's happening to it, developmentwise.

The article in that link talks about how the "new Harlemites" who are moving into Harlem (by buying the newly built apartments that cost 400K to 4 mil) are clashing with the established residents over some of their local practices.

On one hand, I want them all to get along and uplift Harlem with posh digs and Starbuckses. (I'd love to be able to buy into one m'damn self). But on the other hand I want to tell the rich people that if they don't like the drumming, they can just get the you-know-what out. It's bad enough they've made an area unattainable by giving developers a customer that can pay their absurd prices. How dare they go in and tell the people who do still live there to change their lifestyles to accommodate them?

But then again-again, isn't that what I meant by 'uplift'? That the highstyle saditty ways of the rich folk would rub off on the locals and make the neighborhoods look nicer, bring in more political influence (money talks!), which in turn improves the schools, improves the policing of the area (again, admit it! The police protect the rich folks better than they do the poor ones), and so on.

So I don't know. I guess compromise never hurt anybody.


Shesawriter said...

Nobody likes change, Alan. People resist it at every turn.

Then again, the more things change, the more they stay the same, ya know?


GrizzBabe said...

Gentrification has it's good points and it's bad points. This is definitely one of the bad points.

These people knew they were moving to a place with a rich history and culture and they should be prepared to respect that. It's what makes Harlem so great.