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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Progress 101

First, my hobby went live on Thursday, and I've neglected to share it with you guys. I figured since it's science fiction/fantasy, readers here might not be that interested. But hey, here's the link, oh, and I have an acting part in it too, so you might want to listen to it for that.

Secondly, I have an interview with the counselor who runs his own center and his own radio show on the station that I listen to for arts programming. A few weeks ago when I told my therapist about this guy, she suggested I go ahead and follow through with a resume. She also guided me on what to put in the cover letter. Whereas I was ready to spill my guts as I do here on the blog, my therapist suggested that I do not. She said that they would probably just want to know about my professional qualifications rather than my personal ones, and if they wanted to know personal stuff, they'd ask me in the interview.

Well, "they" is a man in probably his sixties if not seventies. He has a kind and gravelly voice and he strikes me as a wise and caring man who I cannot wait to meet. He speaks with a sense of compassion and a sense of humor. And I like the jazzy music that he plays in his radio breaks.

Now here's the kicker.

His offices are across the street from Carnegie Hall. That's how midtown Manhattan this place is. and I'm interviewing with him on Wednesday morning to take on clients there.

My heart is speeding up a little just typing this. Because ... can I tell you this is insanely dream-come-true? I told this guy that I wanted him to supervise me. I told him that I wanted to be the kind of counselor that he seems to be. I meant every single word of it. Worst-Case Scenario Man sez he just wants to interview me so I can come in and stroke his ego, but WCS Man is a fool. This guy isn't going to waste time out of his day to see me when he's got listeners and clients who he most likely gets plenty of validation from.

And apart from working for this guy, and with this guy, ITS IN MIDTOWN MANHATTAN!!

I've dreamed of working and living in Manhattan for all of my life. And now looky-looky what's a'happening to little old me. I think he'll approve of me. I think he'll use me. Because I think I'm good at it. With all my ups, downs, and sideways, this is the one skill I don't think I've ever lost confidence in. I haven't always have felt the strength to plunge into it, but I do now.

So Lara, this connection definitely makes me smile.

Let's see what else is ahead in 2008! B-D


Lara Croft said...

I can hear your SMILE lol, and thanks Alan :-)

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

sounds great! Looking forward to hearing what happens for you in 2008! Have a great xmas!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with that! happy christmas to you.

Alan said...

Happy Christmas to you as well, Anonymous. :-)

GrizzBabe said...

Good work, Alan!

Happy holidays and good luck on your interview! You're going to totally rock it!