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Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Type of Father

Point of interest. "A Shot In The Dark" is Adrian Grenier's documentary of him finding his father. It was done in 2002, and as it turns out his mother was a hippie and had sex with a few guys around Adrian's conception day. So pre-Entourage, Adrian left what looked like NYC to go to Ohio to see the man that may have donated the sperm with fertilized his egg.

Way past the sentimentality of it all, I kept wondering how these modest rural Ohio people think about him now that Entourage has blown up and made this lanky boy a TV star and film actor.

The other point of interest is that another guy his mom was kicking it with at the same time of Adrian's conception was a man named Bob who is still with his mother now. A DNA test was done in 1982 but it didn't work, so Adrian went out to Ohio with the possibility that the guy wasn't his father.

Then Adrian stepped into the parents of the Ohio man, and the man's father looks like Adrian. In the mouth, specifically. More than the man himself! So I was convinced.

Just interesting.

Oh also? They compared their feet. Yuckk. And typical.

Now, I have to go dig my car out because my day job supervisor is way more patient than My Night Job supervisor, Attention Deficit Annie. As I called out, with her, she put a guilt trip on me and got aggressive. It made me tell her I'd try to make it in, and I'm actually going to.

For a part time job over in Jersey? That I have to pay $6.00 to come back from?

That helps me decide how much longer I'm going to stay employed there. Thankfully.


GrizzBabe said...

What is it with you and feet? Were you traumatized by someone's feet as a child?

After I had my first pedicure a few months ago, I had dreams about The Boyfriend kissing my perfectly decorated toes.

I'm guessing that would be out of the question for you?

Alan said...

If you had the feet of a man, then yes. Only women should have toes, as far as I'm concerned.

I even snuck a picture of a gal's toes on the 6 a few weeks back. she was wearing a pair of ... well, I'll show you ...