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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Okay, This I've Got To Share

I've just learned this from The Graham Norton Show which airs on BBC America (to whom I have to give mad props, for they are giving us original BBC programmes with only about a two-week delay. Gone are the days of public television giving us Monty Python years after its stopped production and one of the actors have died)

But anyway, Graham is quite a publically out gay man living it up with his talk show. This is a relevant fact because the nature of his show is grist for the following types of mills;

Adopt A Bollock
! It looks like a legitimate site, designed to bring awareness to prostate, bowel, and testicular cancer.

But how can you not scream with laughter?

Off the record? "Bollocks" is one of my favorite English curses. No one says it like the English. :-))


GrizzBabe said...

So THAT'S what a bollocks is?

Alan said...

And apparently, is plural! 1 bollock, 2 bollocks.

GrizzBabe said...

Oh, yeah. I guess it would be plural. Unless you've had one removed. Then, when you're upset, you can only say, "Bollock!"

Alan said...

I've always had the impression that those who invoked the swearation were speaking of another man's bollocks. In which, the swearer would just pick out a bloke what possesses two for the sake of using them in the plural.

I imagine this is true because I've never heard it exclaimed in the singular.

I love hearing it. Can't hear enough of it.


Alan said...

Oh, and by way of interest, it seems, according to the lil' feller in the video, only white men possess "bollocks".

Which suits me fine, because I'm all about modesty.

Still I wonder -- don't they want us to be cancer aware?

GrizzBabe said...

Now the sign at the end of the video says "Adopt a Bollock" which leads one to believe that they are refering to just one. Or does "bollock" actually refer to the set and "bollocks" means more than one set?

I shall go search the internets for cultural enlightenment.