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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Loose Threads

A. So I went to the convention on Sunday, having missed an entire day on Saturday, and all the get togethers on Friday. I regret nothing! I got the work finished on the audio series, and I had a good time on Sunday. I got to meet one of the other voices in podcasting that I'm fond of, and he really like dme too! He even left a message over at Geek Central saying that I was one of the highlights of his weekend! Which is NUTS. Because he was there for three whole days, he's in about a dozen of pics with other people (so he circulated well), he drank The Beer with many of his buddies. But he said putting face to messagers is always a treat for him.

So one day I will learn to stop selling myself short. You'd think I'd have done so by now, but it's still so surprising when I hear a sincere compliment from someone I myself admire.

I see myself going again next year. And this time, I'll go everyday and hang out at night. I can't say I'm bonded the way I am with the other guys, but it will be a nice getaway that I look forward to.

B. I haven't asked my DnD buddy for Irish Girl's number yet. I just can't get past the Terribles. (Those are the weapons that Worst Case Scenario Man uses against me.) I can't stop leaping ahead to the horrible conclusion of another attempt gone wrong. And if you think it's frustrating to read my utter cowardice, try being an utter coward.

C. That Man from my religious past has had a series of busy weekends that has prevented us from getting together and having my beans spilled all over him. But he has called me once to report this, and he still plans on me doing so. The good news is that now I'm redefined, and I don't have to tell him the thing I was going to tell him. His is a bridge that I don't think I'll have to burn now. I won't be giving him fantastic news of my continued religious success, but I also won't be heaping up challenge after challenge to he ability to cope with the changes in my life. The way I anticipate it now, I'll give him a lot of things to pray for, and maybe we'll weep together, and I'll get more hugs from him. But I'm not going back to our church. That's for sure.

I think that's all of them. Remind me if I've left something unsaid...


The Neighbor said...

A. Glad you got out of the hotel room. I might not have, but then, I might have driven there, eyed the venue from the safety of the car, and headed home. I vacillate wildly in my self-confidence.

B. Wow. Worst Case Scenario man again, huh? So is the horse actually IN the cart with you? ;) Like I said, my self-confidence tends to vary a lot - it's super-easy for me to urge you on and to remind you that rejection is almost never personal - they don't know you, so how could it be? At best, it's a reflection of prior commitment or a shallowness that you'd probably be better off with. But you're not calling her up to see what kind of a dowry you need to bring to the table - you're reaching out to a person in a foreign-freaking-country who is desperate for human interaction, and probably lonely. If it makes you feel better, get your DnD buddy to find someone and go as a group - way less pressure on you. And she'll be happy to see the city with a native - I would be, anyhow.

C. Yeah, I'm very much pro-God, and anti-church, but your mileage may vary. I've met some awesome pastors, had some hard and wonderful discussions, had them help me. And also the opposite on all three counts.

Did you get that book?

Alan said...

Oh, dude!! Hell yes I got that book!! May I tell you it's the most prized book I own right now? I haven't started reading it yet, except for your handwriting in the front. But it feels like a Christmas present and a birthday present rolled into one. It's a solid gesture of friendship and it just feels so damn special. Thank you, Ned.

You know, I'd have you come up to the city to double-date with me, but you'd easily steal my girl's heart and I'd have to throw myself under a bus. But you know how you said you needed a wingman to do the introductions for you? I'd like that for the whole date. And still I'd choke up when the date ended and I took her home.

But you know what...? I'm calling my DnD buddy right now......

I did it!

He's going to send us both an e-mail where I'll see her address and then I'll take it from there. Clever little DnD player, ain't he?

Hold me .....

The Neighbor said...



Dude, first off, poachers are the ones who get thrown under busses.

Second, you are fscking AWESOME. This is just a hi - how are you - who are you - no trips to the diamond district. No heart-rent confessions of mancushes. Ease into it. Show her something really cool and non-touristy about the city. Treat her to lunch of dinner. And relax - the more expectations you have, the more ways you can get shot down - so arrive with no expectations except good company. And BE good company.

And smell good. That REALLY matters.



Alan said...

I do have my moments, don't I?

lol! It was because I was writing to you! That's my life, man! I just can't get through some gates by myself. I accept that right now.

So okay, yeah, just a "Hi!" No hand-drawn bookmarks and a fistful of flowers just yet. Just a gal I can hang out with because it's just so damn lonely in the Big Apple without a buddy on your arm.


The Neighbor said...

I'm right there with you, my man.

Come armed with ideas and conversation. Gifts are for the uninteresting.

In short, RIGHT.

And smell good.

GrizzBabe said...

Amen on the smell good part!!

A man walked past me the other day as we were both headed to the chinese buffet table and his aroma stopped me in my tracks. He was a very average looking guy. But the way he smelled...

Alan said...

Good or bad, Grizz?!?

The Neighbor said...


$5 on good.

Cologne - find one that smells like you - it will take a few visits, as your nose will burn out. NOT MUCH. Make them hunt down the smell, not be overpowered by it.

And put one drop exactly on a light bulb in your bedroom.

Yes, I know what I'm doing.

Scott said...

This is unrelated, but it just hit me that a couple years ago I used to visit the blog of a man who is gay in NYC. His writing is out-fucking-standing and so is his sense of story. If you are curious, his blog has it. Believe me, he is totally amazing. Check it out here.

Alan said...

Scott, dude, whatcha trying to do to me?? He's good-looking and he has a TORCHWOOD advert on his blog!

Alan said...

AND he quotes Ta-Nehisi Coates!!!!!

Scott said...

The only part I understood was good-looking. Enjoy. The man knows how to write.

Tera said...

Alan, I am going to say this again but in different context...you only live once! Don't think about what-ifs when you are trying to go for the gusto, just go for it!