When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Nearly Fainted...

... when I saw this site advertised at one of my geek haunts.

And I signed up right away, uploaded my profile, and found a girl in her mid 30's who lives within 15 miles of me (on THIS side of the Hudson River) who adverts that she's looking to date "either geek-guys or geek-gals" and wants to watch Torchwood with someone.


"Someone for everyone", you said?


The Neighbor said...

Thousands of someones for everyone, actually. Go get em, Braveheart.

No warpaint first date. Totally gauche. Unless she asks.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

There is always a flavor for someone to love!!!! Or like. Immensely. With whatever geek friendly and arousing gadgets there might be.

A new adventure!!! Can't wait to hear how this goes!

Scott said...

I'm with Ned once again, thousands of someones. I'm getting my popcorn ready for the updates.

The Neighbor said...

Indeed. Extra Butter Scott? What happened to Irish Girl? Details man, details!

Alan said...

On the day you announced your victory in the triathelon, I thought to myself--"Go for it Alan! Look what Ned's done! You've got a triathelon ahead on you too! Do it!"

And I didn't. Inviting the Irish Girl into my life won't be as conclusive and ending as the cross over a finish line.

I'm just not Braveheart enough.

Then I found Geek Girl's profile and it looked like a better payoff. For one, she declared herself bisexual. Secondly, she's into costumes. Third, she's a geek. Three things I am interested in--even passionate about. I just don't feel as much fear. I feel more fascination with her than fear.

All she has to do now is respond to me. I wish she would.

The Neighbor said...

I'm in favor of a broad approach - an old buddy of mine used to have absurd success with the ladies. He'd walk up to woman after woman, and bluntly suggest they go home with him, right off the bat. His estimate was about 1 in 5 are just as horny as he is.

The principle applies - ask lots of them to hang out. Some of them will, some of them won't. It isn't rejection if they say no, because they don't know you - how can they reject you? And we're going for hang-out time, not sack time. Well, initially.

You know. . .

Tera said...

I really don't want to say, "I told you so" here, so I won't :-)