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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back That Thang Up!

You betta WORK daddy-o!


The Neighbor said...


3 things:
1 - this song was mentioned on a radio show by an interviewed wedding DJ who says it is THE most requested song.

2 - I thought I was white.

3 - if that guy is out of breath after less than a minute of dancing, I predict his wedding night may bode lots of sleep, and not so much celebratory nookie.

Which is a shame, in my book.

Alan said...

Thw Wedding DJ's onto something. In the menu below the vid are 2 or 3 other weddings where Big. BUTTS! busts out. The best is the one called "Best First Wedding Dance Ever" where it starts out with Unchained Melody.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Well I suppose this is preferable to that Other white man dance where the man's face has that expression engraved into it that says I AM TRYING TOO HARD AND THESE MOMENTS ARE NOT COMING NATURALLY. There's the bottom lip biting, the sproinging toward the female with intensity in the eyes, the arms fabling Godzilla in a rice storm. It's alll bad. Not that I've been there of course.

The Neighbor said...

I feel like I just got called out. It's called the White Man's Overbite, and I am the unmitigated master of that dance. But it's better than deadhead twirling.

Not that I've been there of course.

Alan said...

"White Man's Overbite"

Oh SH!T!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Ned!!!

PISSING myself!!!!!


So it was back in the day, when I worked for the Post Office alongside the guy I call "George" (see blog tag George) that I had what I now know to be a mad crush on a Tasmanian Devil Bulldog of a guy co-worker. He invited us all to his wedding, and I went running. I wanted to see who he was marrying so I could have a nice mental of who he'd be shtupping later that evening.

Well George was having an affair with another one of our co-workers and he showed up at the wedding with her, and the dancefloor moves he put on her were the stuff of legend. The. Worst. I have ever seen. Apoplectic seizures lacking even the grace of the Overbite. George looked in total distress. One of George's failings (qualities?) is that he has no internal register to let him know the meaning of the word "inappropriate". But that night, it looked like even HE knew that his chain had slipped off the track. Sad, in every definition of the word.

The Neighbor said...

"George looked in total distress."


Thanks for returning the favor.

GrizzBabe said...

This is what happens when you have too much champagne at weddings.