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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good News!!

Fringes and Q are having a baby!!

A woman I work with has baby pictures of the baby that she had last month, as well. She's back to work after her maternity leave. I remember when I just learned she was pregnant. The baby that her assistant had last year is already walking.

Nothing like watching new humans enter the world and become people, right around the time of your impending birthday, to make you feel eight-thousand years old. Good thing I've got the love of a good woman to keep me warm at nights, and the appreciation of my own kids ...

...oh, wait.

Okay, enough about me!
Congratulations you two!!


fringes said...


(Running to a meeting...)

Alan said...

You precious thing, you! Given how fantastically you championed for your daughter's health, Q could not have prayed for a better mother. Lucky, lucky, lucky-lucky, blessed man.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Did you take that photo??

And when is that impending b-day, Libra?

Alan said...

I SO did not take the photo. Unless you mean from another website.

My birthday is just after the first week. The number of it matches the original place the month had in the calendar. The octopus became my favorite animal because of it.

The Neighbor said...

So if I were a singer with a ten octave range, that would mean something to you, eh?

Alan said...

No. Two octaves less.

The Neighbor said...

So I missed it, Mr. 88?

Or is is 9x12 after all?

Or is the ocho just spurious?

Alan said...

lol! I think the initial miss was mine. A ten octave-range singer equates to what? (Other than Mariah Carey)

The Neighbor said...

10 octaves, each being composed of eight whole notes, or 10-8?

Alan said...

Ohhhhh. Then yes. It would mean something to me very much.

As does your clever self.

Seriously. You are the most gratifying conversationalist I may ever have met in my life.

The Neighbor said...

I want that cake now. Curses. And blessings. And all that.

You're a good writer and conversationalist too, Alan. Why do you think I hang around? Free therapy?

Dang, I blew it, didn't I?


Alan said...

Wide open!

Actually that was my initial offer when I met you, being my well-adjusted and impervious-to-flaws self. Lo I spied a soul in need and I reached down from my lofty heights to respond. :rolleyes:

Little did I know how grateful I'd become and how close to you I'd feel. Thank GOD you're not a client, else I'd lose my license. :-D

Tera said...

That photo is quite intriguing what an honest man you are to admit not taking it ;-)