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Sunday, May 4, 2008

So Much For Normal...

T-Minus three hours and 45 minutes. And counting.
When I told My Hero about this date, I told him the circumstances and he gave me an AWESOME idea, which reminded me why he's My Hero. So here are pics of what I'm bringing to the date.

This is based of the following;
1) My geek side that I can/will not hide
2) She asked to meet up based on my asking her to show me the pics of her trip
3) This is the standard uniform of Xavier's Academy where dwelleth mutants;

So now I'm excited, if only to see this girl's expression when I show it to her. Even if she bursts out laughing, I feel great about how good this idea was, and that I made a nice picture again after years of not drawing. In Geekdom, there is comfort.

Minutes ago, my boss called me to tell me that a client in my day job passed away this morning. This client was a guy who was in an activity I was involved in called "The Couples Group." Don't think the irony was lost on me. Many a time I headed towards the meeting thinking, "WTF am I doing?" The client always came with his girlfriend, if not wife (I was never too sure, but they were that old and that close). They both rode wheelchairs and had a hard time speaking due to their disabilities. There wasn't much they could do physically, but they could express their devotion to one another. He was the most vocal one of the group and he made the best sense. He'd say things to the others that I couldn't say because he was in a relationship and I wasn't. Of course, I wouldn't tell anyone this because I was one of the group facilitators, but I often looked at him and thought, "Dude. If with all your challenges, you could find love and keep it, then surely I should try."

Now he's passed away and here I am trying. Dennis, this one's for you my friend.

PS; When I cut it out and laminate it, it becomes a bookmark.

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Vi said...

That drawing is AWESOME!!!!

I wan't one of those bookmarks!

good luck with the date, can't wait to hear all about it!