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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Brush-Off

Yep. I got my walking papers from Match Girl-I. She said she had a good time on our dates but she wanted to keep meeting other people, then wished me luck on my search.

*initiate coping mode*

Honestly, she sent me the proper signs and made it apparent that, as quoted, "She's Just Not That Into Me." She would have contacted me far more than she did, otherwise. And, just as apparently, I was not as into her either, else I would have called her after this Sunday passed, and I hadn't.

Well, that's taken care of.

Dreams and giddy aspirations aside, I'm glad to take another break. This is where I'm more comfy. Maybe after I'm a month into the meds, I'll have the whatever it takes to try again.

Or maybe I won't.


I'll still be okay.

I'm okay now, in fact.


Vi said...

Pft! She doesn't know what she's missing.

Seriously, keep looking. You don't have to go as mad as ME, arranging freaking dates left right and centre.. just keep looking. What about matchgirl 2?

Coaster Punchman said...

I'm glad you started some meds - keep us posted.

Unfortunately the dating game consists of a lot of bumps in the road - it's just part of the arrangement. A lot of dates just don't turn into anything and that's ok. I think people have a tendency to get excited at each prospect thinking "maybe this is the one!" and then they crash a little when they realize it's not. But every date you go on, you're increasing the odds that you'll hit the right person - so you should be excited!

If nothing else, your *initiate coping mode* made me chuckle out loud!

Alan said...

Vi, I checked Match Girl-II's profile last night to discover it had disappeared. :-(

CP, I hope you caught the post where I apologized to you for my previous viewpoint on meds. You are most definitely one of my points of reference as I get these things into my system. I'm hoping it will help me be more of the kind of guy I'm trying to be.

If you liked the way I initiated my mode, you'd love a Brit Sci-fi comedy called Red Dwarf!

Eliel Mamousette said...

Nothing much to add except to say that all this sounds so exceedingly... Healthy!

Good on ya' mate!

GrizzBabe said...

To Match Girl I's credit, at least she was upfront with you. And I agree with Eliel, you are handling this very well.

Keep looking! There's someone out there for you.

fringes said...

Ditto on everyone's comments. Your match is out there. You deserve to find her. Maybe she'll find you first!

James B. said...

I agree with Grizzbabe. I give her points for being up front. Lots of folks aren't mature enough to do that these days. Found your blog on Grizzbabe's site. Good stuff. I'm impressed with how you open up. So many people are afraid to share what's going on in their heads. Kudos.

Alan said...

Eliel, Grizz, James (welcome!) ... maybe it's the meds! I've been taking the low dose for five days now.

And I do give Match-I credit--she handled me well. She never made any promises she didn't keep. I guess her silence was the better part of valor. And she signed off from me with kind words and a hope for my future. That's taught me how to do it if I date someone who doesn't rock my socks.

And Fringes, maybe my Match won't wind up being a "she" after all. Maybe what I think is me being slightly bisexual is just me being homosexual with no homosexual experience. Maybe the meds will help me feel more secure in case of that possibility.

fringes said...

Dig it. Amen. I totally agree.

Alan said...

Frin--GES...? Why do I detect a slight frisson of fringian sarcasm here ... ?

Dawn Of Inevitable Regen. said...

Well either way, there is someone on either side of the fence for you. But they will have to be completely willing and unthreatened to be with a fabulous writer.

Just consider all the non "productive" matches, good material for experience. But as one of my buddies and I like to say when we're dispensing advice - ESTD. Easier Said Than Done.

Enjoy your down time until you are working overtime in the next Love Gig.

akakarma said...

Keep on trucking Alan- I'm in the 7o's after Solaris' posts!

SolarisGal said...

Oh Alan, something similar happened to me: I thought I won the lottery with a guy who owns lots of property, who's wife cheated on him (and was very understanding) and is very good looking. After dating and interacting daily for about a month, the guy simply vanished. I sent him a text message, "How are you doing" and his response was a simple "fine". That was the end of that. I knew then that he was just not into me.

At least that girl had the audacity to tell you that she wasn't interested, this guy didn't even have that much courtesy and we had been dating for a month!

Scott said...

Without reviewing all the comments, which will probably echo whatever sentiment I'm about to present, I will say that you might want to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you can handle rejection, then you have all the tools necessary to really jump into this game and succeed. It's never easy to be brushed off, but at least she did it nice, and in the process went out a couple times and shared a few conversations. In the simplest terms, she was good practice. And really what have you lost? For a short time you got to enjoy the best high life has to offer. And moreso, you get to enjoy it all over again with the next one.

You're ok, Alan.

fringes said...

No sarcasm here! I do agree totally with what you said.