When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4th. Remember This Date. Literally.

(Original Blondie Site) You must read the strip first. Oddly, it came out today.

It was bright olive green, actually. It matched my shirt. I'm sure the color wasn't called "bright olive green," but it was. It was beautiful. So was her sweater. And so was she.

She had that smile. The same smile. Only in person, it was ... better. Dimples!!

You all came with me, you should know. I took pictures up until the meeting because I knew I was going to tell you and I wanted you to see where I had took you.

First, I showered, shaved, trimmed my moustache and decided to take a picture to show you what I decided to wear.
I was so nervous I couldn't stop shaking the camera.

After about four blurries, I caught this one, while considering leaving my shirt untucked.

I thought better of it and tucked it in. Me and my belly headed out.

On the subway, a little girl was on a date with Batista. She had him, and other of his wrestling buddies in the palm of her hand. It was easy to see how that date was going to turn out.

First I hit a Kinkos for lamination of the bookmark.

Then a few blocks closer to Fate Central, there was a flower store.

Pretty right? and the flowers too! (Oh, my favorite neighborhood!)

So then getting closer to Fate Central I figured why not combine bookmark and flowers?

I entered Fate Central and staked out a seat. I had a view of the whole store. I'd see her before she saw me. It felt unfair, but either I have that advantage or wet myself. After a few minutes I went and got a comicbook graphic novel to read. Then I decided not to be sitting there reading comics when she arrived. The bookmark was enough to lay on her for today.

And then.


She arrived. She recognized me. She came to the table. She smiled that smile.

I got to my feet and I decided, "one chance at this..." So I kissed her cheek.

And I could not stop staring at her. I felt like I was doing the "therapist gaze" on her. Just watching every word tumbling out. Watching her bat her amazingly clear and deep brown eyes. I stared so hard, I could tell she was wearing contacts. Not color-contacts. Just clear. But I could tell. That's how hard I was looking. I had to consciously turn away at times for fear of giving her the creeps.

It's just that ... well, clearly her pictures were from less ... attentive times? Or it's just that the camera is CRAP for capturing the real person! And I did my best, my BEST in not gushing over her. And I succeeded. The most I said about her, to her, was that this was working out AMAZINGLY well for me. And re: her last relationship--that I wasn't mad that they were no longer together. I didn't want to seem like a leering pervert concentrating only on looks, so I didn't say anything about them. Except that I couldn't. STOP. staring.

But my God. This woman is amazing-gorgeous. Shockingly. I want to stare in her eyes some more. I mean right now.

I could go on and on, but really. When would I stop?

I'll tell you as much as you may want to know, within respect to her anonymity. Just ask.

Here, I'm just in a fog and have no idea what has just happened. The date was successful?!? How'd that happen?!? I have her PHONE NUMBER RIGHT NOW?!!? WHAT?!!?

Tell me when I should call her again! MFTD says Tues. His wife says tomorrow. I want to call her right now.

Right NOW.

I'd better watch last night's Doctor Who and try to relax...

I have her phone number!!!


A Shade Of Scorpio said...

I am just loving watching this unfold. =) Good for you! Love the photo journey! I really need to stop saying Love.

And I really didn't think the shirt looked bad Untucked, but for Effort's sake, tucked was good.

And as a female who has been hit on via Match, Myspace and Unknown origins, Very Smart Move not to verbally gush over her looks more than necessary. At least I think you did the right thing. Snare her in the trap first....then you can tell her all you want. I had one Match guy ask me to send him photos while we were on the phone and I HEARD him survey them and then ask me if they were recent. ACK!!!!!

Alan said...

"Snare her in the trap" lol! I'M the one ensnared, and thank God for it--no lie! I doubt I'll get a wink of sleep. It's just too phenomenal for me at the moment. I mean, of all the ways it could have gone wrong. SO so many ways.

I'm sending this energy back out and around. If you want it Dawn--somebody for you. My Ned, somebody for you who will bask in the subterranean depths of love that you have to offer. Grizz, may that distance close up. Fringes & Q--consummation on a whole 'nother level. My Vi, when you come across the right guys, out of the hundreds you're about to meet--stop and take him. Sol, health, a clear mind, and the rest of your life free from the struggle. Coaster Punchman, more of the same bliss for the rest of your life. The Geek Musketeers; Gyuss, Dagromm and Cyber D--have you been watching the new season of the Doctor?! Scott, my hero, keep being busy loving your family and I'll see you when I see you. Pinknest, more exquisite tastes across your palate! Karma, stay closer and closer--just a fraction of your power can heal any relationship. Lara! Adventure and love your way!

Check me out as if I'm already married and have my children, grandchildren, and great grands at the foot of my deathbed.

I'm just so freaking happy right now. No harm meant.

Alan said...

OH! I left out My MIKE! A healthy baby, a princely wedding, and the rest of your life in passion!!

Vi said...

Oh that's just so FAB!!!!!!!

If I ever go on a date, I hope he brings flowers like you did! Tulips are my fave!

Call her today. Don't wait the bleeding three days, that's so old hat.

Scott said...

This is a nice surprise for my morning visit. Congrats. And bully to you for not gushing. I don't think she had any problem sensing how you felt, and probably enjoyed your restraint. Remember that. She enjoyed your restraint. That translates you know.

As for when to call, I'm not a waiter. I go for what I want and I don't make any games about it. When I met my wife-to-be, she was on the last night of a business trip. When she got home from the airport, a two or three page email was waiting for her, and I got the same in reply. When it's love it doesn't need to wait.

Just my two cents.

fringes said...

Have you called her yet? Don't wait! It can be a thank you I had a great time kinda thing.

The flowers were beautiful!

GrizzBabe said...

See?!? You did live to tell the story! Now tell that Worst-Case Scenario Man to shut the hell up.

The flowers were a nice touch. Very nice! And I agree with everyone here -- call the girl! Life is too short to be playing those type of relationship games.

I'm so glad you had a good time and that it was such a good experience for you. Hope there are many more to come.

Alan said...

Restraint is my middle name, Scott. Unfortunately. Which is why you are my champion. I knew you wouldn't wait were you in my place--I think I said so a little bit ago. Fringes and Grizz, so this is why I haven't called yet. I wish I were playing a game--games are fun! But this thing--it's that whole "I-need-my-meds" thing. Grizz, you know what it's like--you described it over at Fringes' place. That pre-first-phonecall fear. And even though I enjoyed the date already, it'll be the first time to call her, and what is that going to be like?

Heh! I'm smiling because I just got a flash of Scott, barechested like Rambo with a bandanna around his head, kicking down a door marked in dayglo colors with the word "Fear".

But I mean, okay. I'll call her. Of course I will! I'll do it today. I might do it in a half an hour. That'll make it still less than 24 hours later. I mean, yesterday I wanted to call her, but I was still on a date-high and I could've wrestled the Cloverfield monster to the ground. But now I've had time for my disorder to kick in.

(Worst-Case Scenario Man says that yesterday was all a fluke, and that I've trumped it up in a fog of idealism and roleplaying game geek-psychosis, and that when I call her (finally) she's going to be polite and kind but tell me that she doesn't think it'll work out but wish me good luck in the future with other Match Girls.

Worst-Case ... Grizz has a few words for you ...)

The Neighbor said...

I've resisted commenting because I feel a little unqualified. I was going to say don't get obsessive. ;P

One thing I applaud is that while you clearly had a good time, you are not droning on about it. Non-bloggers tend to find our level of openness and honesty to be intimidating and even unwelcome.

Of course you call her, and the little games about when are all just guesses. Call her when you want to talk to her, and have something to say, and maybe even a plan for a second date. It's all according to your gauge, but I once called up a girl 20 minutes after our first date and made a second date, which we were on less than an hour later. And a third that evening. And she and I dated for more than a year. If she likes you, there is no "too soon." If she hasn't made up her mind, then there is. I'd call her tonight, if it were me.

It's high time someone in my world had some good. You're up.

Alan said...

Ned, that's what I should've done. We could've seen a movie last night. And had dinner. I mean, that's what I want to be. I want to be the guy who goes for it. Who charges out there and grabs it!


It's okay. If she likes me, we'll have the opportunity. If she rejects me because I didn't do these things, then I need a girl who's more tolerant of my faults. Someone who'll help me. Who'll just love me for the bumbling little weirdo that I am. I'm not such a bad guy. I could make a girl happy ...

SolarisGal said...

Congrats on the phone number, Alan! Go make that girl happy!

akakarma said...

Hey man! That's fabuloso! Happy to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Alan! I wish you only the best. Your friends who preceded me here have already articulated wise counsel; heed them.


SolarisGal said...

So did you call her, did you call her?!

Coaster Punchman said...

A call the next day to thank her would be most appropriate. I would avoid calling dates the night of for fear of looking like that guy in "Swingers."

Above all, just have fun and be yourself!

Alan said...

Tune in to the next post...