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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did I Call Her?

Yesterday at my lunchtime I called her. Like 45 minutes after I commented that I would under yesterday's comment section. It helped to actually commit in type that I would.

She didn't pick up, so I left a message. "Thanks" and the like. A query on the rest of her week and weekend availability. (I love voice mail. Hit and run!! Talking to a machine means I can say whatever I want with no immediate repercussions.)

Then I waited. All day.

And night.

And day again.

About the time that I was heading in to the offices for therapy this evening, I was thinking how little I was enjoying this part of the experience. I was thinking how I'm the girl of this "relationship" wondering "Why haven't you called me?" Thinking that Match Girl's decided, obviously, that I'm really not her cup of tea. That I did something wrong, or just, not right. That I'd seen the last of that smile. I contemplated my reaction to my silent phone. I chided myself for the childishness inside that made me want to say, "EFF it. Never again!"

I threw myself into my first client and the therapy that presented itself. Made some real great headway. Client just all full of insight. Loving not being my normal self and actually being A Therapist. (You can't imagine what the presenting problem was. I'll never tell, but it was something that I struggle with, and there we were, my client and I, finding solutions for the both of us. It was great.)

My 2nd client is magical. I expect that client to one night retrieve a staff from some hidden dimension and whisk me away to the land of enchantment, making the reveal that they are actually a wizened magician sent to our existence to find a new champion to defeat Lord Foul's 4th attack on The Land.

In the middle of that 2nd session, my phone vibrated. Match Girl's name highlighted in the screen.

Both sessions done, listening to her message in the street on the way back to the train, I'm literally skipping. I want to Flashdance in the street. On my toes like the street is burning.

Her phone was on vibrate, came the reason. She hadn't checked her messages until this evening. Her weekend is open. She wants to do something else with me. What that will be, I don't know. (I had to leave another message in response--we're a busy set of buggers, ain't we?).

But yeah, she wants to.

Means she liked me.

Likes me.

Likes me.

So that's alright then!


Vi said...


Gawd, I remember that horrible 'waiting' for the phone to ring. That's why I said not to wait more than a day!

Dawn of Inevitable Regeneration Ilk said...

very very cool!!!! Wow, you handled the waiting like a CHAMP. And you have quite a nice supportive Comment Team!

Will be staying tuned to see where we take the Match this time! This is one thing I miss about the city...the ease of finding the Right Thing to do.

SolarisGal said...

Does that mean we now have to tune in on Sunday morning to continue this contemporary lit novel?! :)

GrizzBabe said...

Excellent!! Kudos to you for ignoring Worst Case Scenario Man. Whatever you decide to do, I know you guys will have a great time.

Scott said...

I had a feeling about this one, so I'm not surprised. This is incredible news, and should give you hope and confidence that you are totally visible!