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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who AM I? I Mean REALLY?

Last night, drifting off to sleep, I was listening to one of the podcasts from Geek Central. (The spoken word is my Ambien. My wife-to-be won't be happy with that, I'm sure.) And long about the 8 minute mark, one of the hosts, who I missed seeing at the comic convention, calls up the guy who I had mentioned in my weekend report. The guy that I got along with real well and wanted to go to the afterparty bar with me as we left together? Seems this guy and the host of this show were "convention buddies" (Whenever they go to the same convention, they pair up and see/do things together). Now, I wasn't prepared for a podcast host to incorporate a phone call to a "listener/fan," but I guess it's no different than calling up your co-host and chatting with him/her/them for the content of the show. Podcast are talkshows, after all, so anyone who will chat'bout with you is fair game. (I even did three hours with another pair of podcasters a month or so ago).

But I was ESPECIALLY unprepared for that listener/fan to mention ME when he was telling the host about his Saturday night. Here, listen for yourself. The phone call starts after 8 mins and he talks about me at 8:50. And he said nice things!

And I'm laying in the bed like, "What the HELL...?" Of all the artists, and comics, and costumed people, and toys, and pizza, and geeks he experienced, not to mention the afterparty he might have gone to, and he mentions me?? He was thinking of me??

I mean, maybe my early departure and non-compliance for more company left an imprint? But it didn't piss him off and make him think of me as a party pooper, a stuck-up prig, or an anxiety-ridden loser?

That maybe my company is actually enjoyable?

I ... I don't get it sometimes.

You'd think I'd be happy about it, but I just don't see what these people see sometimes.

But I did like this dude, and so I look forward to meeting him again somehow. And although I don't know what HE saw in me, it is nice to think that somebody else thinks of me nicely after just one dinner.

My fellow blogedeers, this is not a solicitation for more nice words in my comments section. Honestly. :-) I still remember all the awesome things you've already said to me over these weeks, and months, and nearly two years. And I already know how much I actually feel like love towards you guys and gals.

This was just so unexpected and, well, in the absence of having my own Q, I had to come and share.

Every once in a while, life throws you a bone.

I'll take it. :-)


fringes said...

Did you just try to ban me from saying nice things about you in your comments? Ignoring the ban:

You rock.

Did you print out that Mandela quote I sent last week? Tape it to your bathroom mirror.

GrizzBabe said...

OMG, The Boyfriend likes to fall asleep listening to sports talk radio. Now I like sports talk radio, listen to it all the time, but during WAKING HOURS!!

I have a feeling that once we get married, we may have to keep a set of boxing gloves by the bed, and duke it out each night for the right to either sleep in silence or sleep with the radion on.

You and The Boyfriend are so much alike in ways it's scary. We just had a loooong talk/difference of opinion on his perception of reality and of himself. No resolution was found.

Alan said...

Fringes, of course I didn't print it out. I'm sure human tears will smudge printer ink.

Grizz, you ain't said nothin' but a word. I know at least one other way he and I are alike. Only he's got two years up on me.

Vi said...

Hey, of COURSE he liked you! I know what you mean though, you think you are pretty dull, so when someone compliments us in someway it takes you by surprise. (I'm not say YOU are dull, just how we as humans think about ourselves sometimes)

Alan said...

And Vi, check this out, on Geek Central I asked him if he went to the bar and he said no, he was feeling worn out and anti-social so he just went home instead. No wonder we got along! How do two antisocial people wind up at a party and make connections if we're anti-social? LOL!

Q said...

You're it!