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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Like A House Afire...

...that's how well I think I'm getting along with Match Girl. In fact, I'll probably start toning down the posts about her because it's starting to feel intimate.

Well?! Y'all don't tell me everything!! LOL!

Suffice it to say that we've been trading emails regularly, still in the Match Anonymous system, but within hours of one another. I can see what's important to her and I think I'm up to the task. I love her interests and I think she loves mine. I am outclassed by her, but I think you were right, Ned, I'm bringing some nice things to the table too.

So, this is good. I'm getting comfortable with the idea. It feels like it's time.


GrizzBabe said...

Have I told you how happy I am for you? Lately?

I'm glad things are continuing to go well.

The Neighbor said...

First off - mad props for toning it down when it's getting intimate. I got bit once because I blogged some pretty intimate stuff and someone else basically told me she didn't want to end up in my blog.

Second, you owe yourself a thorough review here. You sound like me, which means you might be a little love-blind. I'm not saying it isn't real or awesome - I'm saying you owe it to Match Girl to have a mini-gut check. Are you being true to yourself first, and honest to her (a close) second?

If so, and the butterflies are flapping, it is time to move to real world emails, IMO. And then QUICKLY to real life. Don't give your brain time to fill in the gaps - leap in, be bold, be yourself.

My practical, unromantic method for first dates on match is to set out two hours and stick to it, good or bad. It's safe for you and for her. And, if it goes REALLY well, you can always call her ten minutes later and set up an instant second date. It's been done, my friend. ;)

I'm stoked for you. Oh. And jealous.

Alan said...

Yes you did, Grizz. :-D And you do know how much good your support has done me, don't you? I mean, I had to know what I wanted before I went out looking for it, you know? From Match Girl's profile to her first e-mail, I knew I wanted what I was looking at because of the example you set. If Match Girl is half of what you are then I'm going to be a happy man. :-)

Check and check, Ned. So how do I go to real world e-mails? Just propose to do so? And if we do meet, I won't be able to contain it to two hours. I've been waiting for quite a bit of time to get here, and I'm not exactly actually even "here" yet.

And about the jealousy? COMEDY. Mike has been married, divorced, then got a girlfriend, made a baby, and got engaged all before I've had one. Single. Date. (Funny, because this also happened with my dayjob Boss, and another Boss-level guy, with the exception of the baby-making part. They both had divorces, got girlfriends, and my Boss got engaged to his--all while I watched, with certain other Boss-level folks asking me, "So ... you dating yet?")

You know what it is, Ned. You'll be back in the game soon, and you should hurry, because I need a partner to compare notes with.

Scott said...

I feel it coming on, man. That's totally me too. I'll talk about anything up until something actually happens, then I shut my mouth about it. I had a date with a girl a long time ago that a friend of mine knew about. We had, ahem, relations, and my friend grilled me the next day mercilessly, desperately. I finally gave in and admitted it, but I felt violated and weak. Not sure how that applies but there you have it.

Alan said...

Told like the gentleman you are, Scott. :-)

Gosh, I sure value your friendship, Scott. I keep looking back at the times I've stumbled and needed a shoulder to lean on, and there you were. I hope I can do you proud with this new adventure of mine.

The Neighbor said...

For the real world emails, you just say to her, as honestly as you can, that you've learned enough about her to pique your interest, and you'd like to move things forward. Ask her to email you at your real world email address so that you can make plans to meet. It's that easy.

She'll either say great, demur, or you'll never hear from her again. It is a risk - it won't be like it is now - it will be different. So if you're not ready to risk what you HAVE, then don't.

I say be bold - you know yourself and what you are seeking. Go see what you've found.