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Monday, March 31, 2008

Fellow Matchedeers

I got a hit from someone doing a search on Google Blogs for "Match.Com". I thought it was a good idea. So I followed their search and saw what they saw. I want to post the links here. The stories are fascinating. I'll probably leave some Comments at some of the blogs as well. Shucks, we're all in this sauce together, after all...

Ned; I left a comment.

LisaQ; She tells a troubling tale. Is in Kansas.

Not so happy.

A Work In Progress; Seems like she's looking at some success. (Last paragraph)

; More success! With a Match date AND with lymphoma recovery! God bless her!

Devvdev; Their Current mood: hopeful, followed by more supportive facts.

Cooper Abby; Quoting a "Kathryn B. Lord". I can't tell if Cooper is male or female, and if it were she/he who met their husband Drew on Match in 1998, or Kathryn. Either way, the article makes good sense. Particularly this snippet;

"Either you have been doing something (singles events, let’s say, or trying to let others know that you are interested) or you have been doing nothing. “Something” is more likely to have results than “nothing,” but neither have “worked” in that you haven’t gotten a mate yet, or you wouldn’t be asking the question “Does Internet dating work?”

"So let’s redefine “work.” What Internet dating does better than any other method I know is that it exposes you to a very large group of other singles and helps you sort them into the likeliest category for potential partnerhood with you. How well does “doing nothing” compare with that? For that matter, how well does “doing something” other than Internet dating compare? "

A Happy Cynic
; At first I was offended (her blog title isn't the best encouragement), but I figured if I wrote as badly as the Match ads that she's cited, then I'd have to laugh at my own self. I left her a comment and kept on steppin'. :-)

; Not actually about Match at all, but sidesplittingly funny. Yup. Gotta learn to laugh at myself going into all this because I'm putting my cakes out there on the line now. This blog has been a warm-up for that, but you guys have been extraordinarily supportive, and dare I say loving to me in your ride-a-longs. I have to gear up for more rejection and possibly some ridicule. I might have to blubber and boo-hoo back here for a bit, but I trust you guys will send me back out with a hug?

; Now HERE'S a success story! 3200 views since January!!! And she. like so many of you, writes like a house afire. I left more than just a comment and I'm bookmarking her site. I highly recommend! Nevertheless, her Matchness hadn't much to say on the 'Net dating experience in that post.

So, this is me, handling the vague stress-ish adventure of Re-Matchedeering. I hope I don't get raped...


GrizzBabe said...

Ya, know. This kind of whimsical search is how I met The Boyfriend.

Vi said...

I'm not quite ready to do the 'online dating' thing yet. I'll watch and see how you go!

The Neighbor said...

Be Bold, Alan. Be fearless. Be yourself.

An external link. I feel famous.


Alan said...

That's nothing, Ned. After that comment at your place, I'm putting you on my blogroll! Our similarities are too close to ignore! :-)