When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Monday, March 24, 2008

And This Just In From The "Stranger Than Life, Series 8000" Dept ...

You guys know this, right? You've partied to it in your own wonderful ways, and so have I. It was created in Jan 2004. It's been a constant joy of my life.

Tonight, while chatting with a fellow comics' geek that I met at my hangout at Geek Central, I discover HE IS THE ONE WHO CREATED THIS VIDEO. This guy who I only in the last few months have come to know as a peripheral geek buddy who wanted to chat with me is the creator of something I have been using to salvage my worst moods for FOUR YEARS NOW, and have posted at the bottom of this blog right here now for HOW LONG? Tonight I'm chatting with him and he casually mentions, "oh yeah, but the way, this is my Five Minutes of Fame...", and sends me the link. In fact, I'm still chatting with him now.

This has been a monumental day.

If this can happen, right here, right now--that I would ACCIDENTALLY cross intimate paths with the creator of my favorite YouTube video EVER, how much more possible is it that I can meet ... Her?

I mean, come on.


akakarma said...

That's pretty cool dude!

Vi said...

Oh wow, how freaky!