When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I saw this pic today at Geek Central (where I hang) and thought of you, Scott!

Besides that, I'm actually having a better morning than most. I took my sweet time getting to work, and I still haven't started yet. (Present blogging and picture-finding plantiff's Exhibit A). I finished the new spinoff series from the audio drama of my hero that none of you guys are listening to, or listened to and hated but are too kind to say so (my TS brethren/lurkers not included). It'll be up and running tomorrow. If you want to shut me up, go to the third link down from the "Arts & Drama" column to the left, then look for the link that says "B*** Flight" (except without the ***). It'll be about 37 minutes long. Then leave a comment there where you've downloaded it.


In other news, I went back to My Night Job for a visit. In attendance were Snapper, Scullery Maid, & Sexy Minx. Snapper literally dropped whatever he was doing and said, "Oh my God." As if he actually, honestly never expected to see me again. That kid. He's as open as a box of chocolates, bless his heart. And of course, one of the first things he had to ask me was "How're the ladies treatin' ya?"

Why must we do this? How do I stop looking for love if all anyone ever talks about is love? Khaaaaan!

I suddenly just wanted to grab his head and plant a ridiculously inappropriate smackeroo right on him, then say "THAT'S how." He would've shat!

Yeah, I'm feeling that self-destructive lately. I mean, I bet THAT'D get me out of this rut. I've flirted around enough with it. Why not just do the damn thing? And I betcha I'd find a dozen ready, able, and willing guys who'd want to turn me out in a heartbeat. Pass me around like a party favor. Make me feel pretty, LOL!

Why "self-destructive?" Well, because of all the things I've said before, really. And mostly because I know that I'm feeling this way because I'm pouty and mad about all these other successful hook-ups going on in spite of me. And I'm so pissed off at my own fears, and the lack of my success getting through them. And the absence of the one brave soul who could send me an e-mail and help me over this hump, and ask me out on a date.

To clarify; Yes, I could be gay. I'm aware of the attractiveness of men. And I've also never had sex with one. Never kissed one. But I was molested by a guy when I was six years old, and those are where my first memories of sexual stimulation come from--and that gender was the first experience I had. So I don't trust my perception of same-sex attraction.

In addition, I love women. My favorite sexual body attributes reside on the female body, not the male.

So that's that. Whatever woman would take a chance on this mess is going to be the queen of the universe.


Anyway, midway into my visit to My Night Job, they paged Drama Queen off her break to come see me. You'd think they were filming another episode of "Run's House" in there!

(It is actually the Barnes & Noble cafe where they filmed Ep 5, Season 1. That's my espresso machine in the background on the left, circled in red. I can let that out now that I don't work there anymore and those of you who have seen it can't come and get me, lol!) Drama Queen was clearly smitten to see me again, but she's Drama Queen, and there can only be one in a relationship. We all bantered a bit more, then I started getting uncomfortable with all the attention and bid them a fair farewell.

Then an impulse took hold of me, and I grabbed Sexy Minx and planted a kiss on her hand that caused her to squeal with utter delight. My favorite sound. I mean, she's Sexy Minx. I had no choice.

Then I went to buy "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire because Scott liked it, and I like Scott. Then he didn't like it, before I finished reading it. (But I still like him.)


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GrizzBabe said...

What stands out most to me in this post is the way people (men and women alike) responded to you. That says a lot about you and your personality. I'm surprised you didn't revel in the attention and milk it for all it was worth. Oh, wait. That's what I would have done.