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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back Into The Frying Pan

Last night I went to see a rockin' good play called "Fight Girl Battle World". It was a clever play in a small venue which made the most out of character, story, and the space they had to use. There was kickass choreography and more than a dozen instances of Laugh Out Loud moments that earns the gold star for good dialogue. (Why does my spell checkers tell me "dialogue" is improperly spelled? Can anyone suggest a better alternative?)

I went on recommendation of 1) Childhood Bud and 2) My geek friends with mad cred who run a comics podcast. It was to their studio that the geek party occurred last year. I haven't been able to coordinate all but two more meetings with that group of folks (one, really--a dinner at Hill Country. The other is me going to the place of business of an individual, and that only because he got a job at the store where I buy my comics), and none at all with the podcasters themselves.

So last night, I went with Childhood Bud. We had an awesome time!! He detached from his wife and three children to make himself available to me, and we met in my fave naborhood, ate Indian food in a new spot I like on Amsterdam Ave, then walked 60 blocks south to the theatre! I was more than up for it when he suggested it, but round about 40 blocks into the journey, ol' Childhood Bud was making faces. I'll let him elaborate as to why, if he so chooses.

It was so awesomely great. It was nothing at all like being two men approaching our mid-forties, one of us a married father of three, the other a bachelor therapist in a midtown Manhattan office. Nothing like that. It was like being kids cut loose in NYC walking and talking and laughing and sightseeing.

I tried to throw in a little gravitas to the tone of the evening, but he would have none of it! The closest I got to my issues was to realize that Match.com is a viable alternative to my singleness. He has a co-worker who is engaged to a gal met on there. And I acknowledged Mike's engagement resulted from a Match Dot Comage.

So today, I upgraded my account, shot them some money, and e-mail three beautiful ladies, all of whom I would very much like to date.

And then what? At the moment, I have a profile that I think absolutely reeks of mental disorder. I wrote it back when I was a prisoner of misfortune in New Jersey and rediscovering heroes in the world. So mostly what I wrote sounds every bit like the crazy little man I was in someone's basement. When I applied my newfound life to the profile fields today, I thought the effects would take place immediately, like the new pics would.

Not so.

Pics are up now, but the profile word content takes up to 72 hours. That means if these three beautiful ladies read my message within the next three days, I'm toast. You'll hear their laughter from where you're sitting right now.

But at least now I realize why I didn't get any bites before.



When the frikkin' frackin' profile gets updated for realz, I'll give you a link to it.

Edit: YAY! It's updated! Okay, here I am. Match Ladies, come an' get me!


Coaster Punchman said...

"I have a profile that I think absolutely reeks of mental disorder." That was funny! Maybe if the ladies read the old profile you can message them with that statement and win them back.

I live in a basement apt. Sometimes I wonder if I am the crazy little man. Except that I'm tall.

Coaster Punchman said...

Oh, and the woman in the picture above looks like Carly Smithson on American Idol.

Coaster Punchman said...

Cute. I like the pizza effect.

Alan said...

She is indeed not that person. She is, however, a lovely and saucy English lass who is married to a burly Welsh bloke. She does one of the comics' podcaststhat I listen to over at Geek Central because she is married to a geek but one of the more butch ones who can pass for straight.

fringes said...

Can you paste a copy of your profile on your blog? Match.com is trying to make me sign up so I can read it. Please don't make me do that.

I love the photo you're using as your main pic! It let me see that one for free.

Alan said...

See following post! :-))

The Neighbor said...

Hey Alan, I saw that you commented on my blog - read further back in my entries about my first Match.com experiment - it really can work.

Well, in my case, sort of, but the potential, especially in a major metro, is real.

Good luck!

Cyber D said...

Good pic of you and that pod-cast gal. Good luck. My sister found a husband on eHarmoney.

Alan said...

Does she still have the husband? Come on, you can tell me...