When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Three years and 9 days ago I spent my 40th birthday in a welfare office about 12 blocks away from where I currently live, trying to get rental assistance. I didn't get it. Subsequently I was evicted.

Today I dumped my Geico insurance and got a policy with "Don't Ask Don't Tell Insurance Co." (name changed to protect the lives of the innocent) for half the amount that the lizard wanted me to pay. It allows me to keep the trend that has begun in the last few months of keeping money in my savings and checking accounts, instead of dropping it all on my debts.

My savings are growing. Possibly for the first time ... ever.

I live in NYC again and I can afford it now. I have not only one job, but two jobs that I like.

Three years and 9 days from now ... what will it be? The start of my 43-year marriage? The birth of my daughter? The publication of my novel? The purchase of my NYC condo?

I am a vital, attractive, single and intelligent man of a certain age living in Manhattan. The sky is my limit. My past is just that.


Thanks be to God.


Little Wing said...

Alan what a positive and beautiful post!!!!!!!
If you can dream it, you can do it!!!!
You rock, Alan!

Alan said...


I learned positivity from you, Little Wing. Oh, and for fear of being swallowed up by all your admirers at your place, allow me to tell you here -- you are one foxy chick! Out there somewhere is one lucky-ass son of a gun who's life you are going to make amazing.

Good on ya, gal!

Little Wing said...

Ahh Alan, ya think?
I clean up ok I guess.....
not posting any photos again, there seems to be a couple of female bloggers who like to leave me anonymous nasty comments,
along with a couple anonymous guys.
Always the blog trolls to put up with it seems.
I posted about it today, about who I am.
Good to see you moving forward, my friend.
You rock. You really do.

GrizzBabe said...

I'm glad the second job has been such a blessing! Financially and otherwise.

MONA said...

Good for you Alan! I am glad for you! :)

Who Me? said...

Excellent post Alan! Positive and looking forward to the future. I love it!

(PS - I thought it was funny, given your discussion about insurance companies, that the word verification I have been given below begins with the 3 letters of the insurance company I just quit working for ;)

Alan said...

LW, blog trolls are disturbed. Take my professional opinion on that one. Those are personality disorders attached to typing fingers. Pay them as much heed as you would a lunatic on a streetcorner.

Grizz, I hope God really is blessing the way I carry on at that job, because if not than He's gonna get me but good! But I like the way I feel there. And I think He likes the way I feel there too. :)

Mona, thank you! And hey, if ever you're here in the states, I'll make you a latte that will inspire a whole book of new poems.

And yeah, WhoM, it's time to put all my questions and explorations to the test. I mean, that's what I was asking them for. :-)

S* said...

This post totally put a smile on my face!