When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Got Me A New Toy Today--

--so I decided to give another crack at it.

In doing so I discovered the following--
1) Good lighting helps wonders.
2) Sucking in the gut and twisting the body gives you that "come-get-some" stance.
3) I'm only 5% as confident as I look in the picture. These three were the best out of, literally, about 50.

Now, if I lose 15 more lbs, I won't have to suck in the gut as much, if at all. I want to be able to actually take off the shirt and look as good as I think I do here. I think if I think I look good, then others will think so too. It'll be a matter of self-confidence, not actual physical attributes. Yet, I feel like I must have certain physical attributes to look good.

I'm fully aware this is my somewhat shallow opinion. But it's my preference. Guys with guts, and eight-hundred other different attributes that don't alert my inner gay man get girlfriends, wives, and sometimes both, all the time. So I know it isn't a universal that a man must look the way I want to look in order to be successfully paired with The Love Of His Life.

But while I'm waiting to find Her -- I might as well stick to it.

But, in other related news--I've decided that Saturday and Sunday are my allowed days for sweets. I decided that at 1:30 AM Saturday morning when coming home from the Friday D&D game in midtown Manhattan. So much for obsessive ... :-)

And on, on and on, and on and on...


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well I think you look pretty damn good as you are alan! Saving your treats for the weekend is a good idea, just don't binge on them! lol

Keep posting what you eat during the week, as I said, I'm happy to help give you any advice!

GrizzBabe said...

You know, there really is no reason to suck in your gut. We'd think you were handsome, gut or no gut.

Alan said...

I sure love to hear that! Thanks so very much.

The intellect/emotional dichotomy rages on and on however. In my head I think that two or three lingering looks I might get in a gym, a store, or the flirtatious ways the gals act with me at work means "You're a handsome man," but in my heart it never translates.

Again, like Mulder on the X-Files, I want to believe. I don't know if my personality would change on the day that I actually owned the opinion that I'm good-looking, but I'm sure I'd be confident enough to approach The New Employee, at least.

For now, I'll just keep saying that I am, as I have done, and I'll just believe your reviews. Whether I really am or not probably won't matter as long as I feel like I am.

Which I think goes for all of us. :-)

Lara Croft said...

Well i have to say american men seem to age much better than aussie men, most of the ones I know are barrels, balding with droopy jaws lol

Alan said...

I thought they aged like Paul Hogan, all leathery and tough-as-hell, so confident in their masculinity that they walk around in speedos (since they were invented down there).


We Americans are a vain bunch. We have Hollywood to thank. Sometimes I think most American men don't care what anyone thinks of them, and other times I think we're as image-conscious as any supermodel.

Lara Croft said...

LOL oh yeah well leathery skin is a real turn on haha. NO Paul might have been as a strapping 30 yr old, pre famous, but his day was filled with working outside so the years were not kind.