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Friday, July 6, 2007

Universe Playing Fair

Two years ago I was facing eviction and homelessness, and my friends were pouring money into me like fingers in dykes. Then like Sam in "Transformers", a big hand swooped out from nowhere and grabbed me before I fell to my death.

Grim Jester watched the rescue and had to acknowledge the Presence of Something Bigger Than Us. Because he had already known that I staked a claim on Christianity, and my rescue was completely outside of myself. When Grim Jester admits there's a God, then you really take stock in the possibility, let me tell you.

With that in mind, and the growth of character that I've experienced since My Hero and My Friends and You Guys, I've been fine in the pursuit of the new place to live.

Tonight I go get my keys to the new place. It wasn't a scam. After I get the keys, Roommate #1 is leaving to hit the road in his musical pursuits and will be back in a month. Roommate #2 has a strict routine of getting up at 5 AM. He's an actor and real estate agent. He keeps himself in shape, as well as likes comicbooks.

I move in tomorrow. And when I wake up on Monday morning, no one will be left home. Because "The Universe" is playing more than fair with me. "It's" being benevolent.

PS--My eye stopped twitching since the AM of the 4th.

PPS--I'm still seriously procastinating in finding my cat a new home. Grim Jester is contemplating taking her, but there is the Humane Society near me where one of my Friends got her cat from. It's a no-kill facility. I just need to call them to see if they have room for my cat. If no one adopts her, she'll just live with them.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo excited for you! Things are really looking up. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in the new place.


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