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Friday, July 13, 2007

Blog Solidarity

I did my blog rounds and checked out the ennui that is creeping up on two of my blogmates.

Scott, you do you. I'd read a shopping list written by you. But every unwritten blog page is a block of time you've given to your wife, sons, livelihood, or passion. I can't be mad at that.

S* shared about her mother who has become debilitated by multiple sclerosis, and I was so moved. Littlewing commented with the exact words that I was inclined to use (so I didn't leave a comment at all. I was late in the reading of it anyway and everyone there had already said great things) and because like littlewing, my heart breaks for that situation. It resonates with the experience I had with my Mom--watching her deteriorate and being helpless during.

And there's also so nothing adequate to say. I can offer solidarity and compassion, and an open comment line extended (which, in fact, I do). But the mourning must go on until it does its' work. This I know. And the pain is unique in every case. And there are 6 billion cases, because there are 6 billion people, and we all experience loss as a matter of existence on this planet.

It sucks.

And so I wish you love, and comfort, and friends -- for you and your Mom, S*.


S* said...

She has MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, not Muscular Dystrophy. She's not a Jerry's Kid. MS creeps up on you in the prime of your life.

Alan said...

Thanks for the correction. The wish for love, comfort, and friends remains.

S* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan said...

Favor granted, with a link.