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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just Met The Roomie's Girlfriend...

... and seconds later, discovered I had a people dangling in my left nostril. Big ups for the roomie, then! No way that my studmuffinness will cause a rift between us now! lol!!

As if!!

But actually, yeh! Because I'm strutting around here in flip-flops, my pajama bottoms, and a dark blue athletic T. I'm far more relaxed and exposed than I'd ever thought I'd be, say, fifteen years ago. And I was in the kitchen making Pepper Steak (Ramen Noodles, slices of green bell pepper, and sliced, braised chuck steak. YuM!), when the roomie came in with his girl. They had been in earlier, but our doors were closed as it has been for the entire week because I'm trying to finish up my project for release this Thursday, so I didn't see her. But when they caught me in the kitchen, the roomie stopped in and introduced her. She was nice! A cute little thing! She shook my hand!

I like this roommate! He's very polite and tidy! And he stays in his room, and I stay in mine, and he's not intrusive, nor appears in any way offended that I like to seal myself away too. Maybe that's actually how roommate ettiquette works?

Anyway, I love how different I am these days. I'm not scared of people, or pathologically private, or whatever the hell was my problem. And confident! I actually thought I was good looking enough to make my roommate's girl stray! HAHAHAAA!! Because what you don't know is that I was in Central Park yesterday morning and I walked/jogged the circuit from 96th and Central Park West, all the way down to 59th, and back around the east side of the Park until I reached The Reservoir on the south end, went up the east side of it, and came out of the park at 96th where I started.

How ya like me now? I'm turning Manhattan into my own personal treadmill.


Littlewing said...

THAT is a lot of walking/jogging!
Wow, Manhattan, how cool is that!

Alan said...

It IS, isn't it? When I was tracing that path in my Paint program I was thinking "Crap!! No wonder my hips are sore!"

I'll be making this circuit every Saturday morning, unless it's raining puppies.

But otherwise I walk a lot anyway. Especially if my .mp3 player is in my ears. I walk to songs with fast tempos, such as Janet's "Pleasure Principle". I can't jog on the treadmill without it.

GrizzBabe said...

I am very jealous that you get to call NYC home. I am bookmarking your blog so I can experience vicariously through you your adventures in the Big Apple.

Alan said...

Cool! I'll do my best to make you drool (actually, Pinknest has got that covered). I'll give you some of the negatives too, so as not to make you too crazy.

I worked hard for the past two years to get back here (it kicked me out once, and yet I still love this city). So it's bound to overflow onto these pages.

Anonymous said...

'How ya like me now?' - Alot!!