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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Believe It Or Not, IIIIIII'm Walking On Air ....

...I never thought I could feel so free -- ee -- ee -- EE!

My Friend The Doctor came over to see me in my new crib and I took him on a tour of the neighborhood, then we took the Number 1 downtown to eat at my favorite Chinese food restaurant on Broadway in my soon-to-be second favorite neighborhood (because where I live now is fast becoming my favorite).

MFTD was stunned by where I've now landed. He loved the park and the people and the atmosphere. He said it was an undiscovered country.

Let me backtrack a little. I knew he would be here around noon, so I headed out to Central Park to attempt a repeat of the Reservoir jog. I just wanted to see if I could circle it again without stopping. It was CAKE. I did it in about 10 minutes. Which is about 3 revolutions of Dream's "This Is Me". Laugh now, but I can get my serious chug on to that song!!

She stole your heart -- jog jog
Only did it because she could - jog
Chewed you up and spat you out - jog
That girl never was no good -- jog jog
Baby I would never do that - jog
I'd love you endlessly -- jog jog
But your suh -spish- shuss mind thinks --jog
I'm gonna re-peat her sto-ry --JOG!!

WHOOOOOOOO!! Oh I highly recommend you try jogging to that syncopation.
Oh! Speaking of Dream!! Tell me why I cannot stop staring at these posters all over New York--
These are supposed to be high school girls, and the actresses probably are high-schooled age, AND THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BASED ON DOLLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. But I'm so fascinated by those winsome and mischievous eyes and grins that I'm considering watching this movie. EYIPES!!!!!! Have I entered the dirty-old-man phase of my life? So SOON?!

Anyway, I digress. On the first train I took today to go jogging, I ran into the person I knew lived here in Inwood, with whom I had occasion within the last year to go to his apartment and play D&D once. Since then, he revealed he was an actor on Broadway, and I had verified it online that he was. So I was suitably impressed then, but I had stopped that particular D&D and so never bumped into him again. Until this morning.

Avoidant-Alan reared up and said, "He doesn't remember you! Don't invade his space! He'll think you're a freak!" But I told ol' Avoid-Al that I'm a different person now. I meet people now and I take risks now, and I'm not afraid of people anymore.

So I entered the subway car he had entered and I went over to him and re-introduced myself. And it was nice! I wouldn't say we made pinky-swears to be best buddies, but I'll be able to talk to him again if I so choose. He was actually on his way to the Saturday performance on Broadway, and if I tell you the play, you'd be amazed. Lets just say it's been on Broadway for ten years, it has singing and dancing, and it's based on a Disney movie about a baby who grows up to be a king. And he plays one of the featured characters, as opposed to being in the chorus line. :)

So anyway, I did that before I met up with MFTD and toured him around the neighborhood, and repaid him for my vacation (in full, another debt settled).

Of my neighborhood, and my apartment room, and my life now he said, "You deserve this. You've really gone through a lot and you really deserve this."

If we hadn't been on the crowded Number 1 heading back uptown, I'd have broke down weeping on his neck. Because he's right. I have been through a lot. But like God took care of me well-nigh unto miraculously to save me in my eviction two years ago, He's also given me a living situation that amazes even my jaded, cynical, reality-therapist doctor best friend in the whole wide world.

And that's seriously alright then.

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