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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Man, My Keys Are Heavy!

Because I got four new ones!!

And they all work. Front downstairs lobby door, and two for the apartment door. And one for the mailbox.

Now I have to get a digital camera. Because I LOVE my new neighborhood, and you just have to see it! I knew that place existed, but I didn't KNOW it was so beautiful from the inside out.

There are two train stops right in the area, one above and one below ground. The one above ground runs the length of Broadway (The Number 1, for those not in the know) and it will take me to my favorite Barnes & Nobles. The below ground (The A Train) is the one I'll be using to commute to the bus station, and will also serve as my express to Downtown locations.

Ich bin New Yorker! Wiederholt.

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