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Thursday, July 19, 2007


My roommate came home later so it gave me an opportunity to walk across the 207th St. bridge to the Bronx and visit my friend with whom I D&D on alternate Staurdays. I had opportunities to do so before, but maybe a little of the old avoidant Alan was lodged in here and I haven't even mentioned on-blog about how close he lived, or who he even is. But not anymore! We watched "Children of Men" at his place (VERY nice apartment for slightly above $900/month. Yay, Bronx!) and was sufficiently bummed by the dystopia. The walk home was a glorious parade compared to the hell Clive Owen went through.

Seriously. The part of the Bronx across the 207th bridge is called University Heights. Going up the hill while the sun was up was not the same glory as descending the Heights under the night sky, heading back to Manhattan, with the black East River wending through fields of sparkling light. The hills of north Manhattan are breathtaking. I will be taking pictures one of these days and making that trip again.

Further observations from the point of the last blog from Midtown;

I saw a total of 3 bald women.

I saw two sets of twins. One set of identically dressed twins crossing 6th avenue at around 29th Street. They were biracial guys with their afros wild and spongy, blown-back IDENTICALLY the same. They looked like a gimmick. The second set was high-school aged, up at the Central Park Reservoir ( I jogged the whole Reservoir circumference! I will be doing so again!). What I found odd was that both sets of twins walked together as though it never occurred to them that they were two separate people. Both sets were in conversation, walking closely, having that Twin Thing that they have. They are so familiar with each other that their body language created an umbilicus attaching them at their hips.

People still smoke too much.

There are three new skyscraper "luxury condos" going up in Chelsea. As the article on Parking Spots attests to, those puppies are going for millions.

Pssh! Whatever. Even if I had it, I doubt I'd spend it. Not the way I'm learning to save money these days ...

I have a plan to prevent me getting locked out again, because I'm clever.

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Little Wing said...

Alan I can feel the light step you are walking with!

Make an extra key and just leave it inside the shoe you will wear!