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Monday, July 23, 2007

J.K. Rowling, You Betta WORK It, Girl.

Since its release, I have seen no fewer than seven people reading the latest Harry Potter. Not a one of them was a child. Mostly these were on the subway. The first one was a young black woman sitting right next to me. Another one was a young white woman in my neighborhood, standing on the corner. The others were men. One white guy was so deep into the book (again, sitting right next to me on the train) that he missed the three women across from us checking his face intently for hints of the book's content. I guess they wanted to see if he was going to cry, thus revealing that the rumors may have been true.

(By the way, in that trio of women, two of them were twins. I KNOW! That makes three sets I've seen since Thursday, although these girls didn't try to rock the identical thing. One had a real nice tan, and had a beauty mark on her clavicle and her upper lip. They were so intent on staring at the Harry Potter reader that they didn't notice me staring at them.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to get this book...)

The last guy I saw reading it was a slightly muscular black man, drinking a sports drink. Ol' J.K. done went and hit every demographic with her "Young Adult" novels.

You betta work.

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