When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was at Geek Central and just wanted to post some fond Convention highlights which reminded me that I was happy;The guy to the left is that guy I posted about a few months ago who conversated with me over pizza during the NY Con geek get together and I wasn't on meds yet and didn't go to the bar afterwards, but then again neither did he. But later he turned up on a podcast I like and shouted me out. One hell of a nice guy. And cute too, right? :p He drove to the con from here in NY like I did, and circulated, meeting people, shaking hands, hanging out. And it's funny, I had my group who I hung out with, and he did too, but he would find his way to us and he and I had great conversations. I complimented him on the way he made friends and he said that it was not as easy as it looks. Then I noticed his fingernails--every one of them nibbled away to the quick. Isn't that something? Everyone's experience is different, I guess. Big props to him that he faces his fears and plows through to happiness. and again, you can't ignore the cute!

The guy in the Hulk shirt is the maker (1/2) of the Charlie Brown vid. Check out MY guns, Gyuss! And mah sexy bellah!!

And here is the face I make when I ... have fun. LOL!


Tera said...

Wow Alan! I am at a loss for words over the "fun face!!!"

SolarisGal said...

alan! You're the handsomest one in the bunch!

Do you like my word, "handsomest"? :)

Shade of Scorpio said...

Happy Alan's good vibes are very photogenic! Silly Match girls.....!!! They CAIN'T be passing that up!

Alan said...

Tera, so was I! That's why I made it! lol!

Sol, you got me making my "fun face" again!

Dawn, I know right?! You women are crazy! *wink*