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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pre-Vacation Blues

If one more of my day job clients has a problem, I'm sure I'm going to go postal.


But I'm so ready to get in my car and drive south that I can taste the Waffle House grits & sausage already.

It's been crazy this last week--literally, given my profession. Daytime clients punching staff in the nose and nighttime clients nearly losing their life and vitality to drugs and alcohol. And get this, I opened up one workday to taking clients at the NY center, and within a week, it filled up to having SEVEN of them. That's SEVEN in ONE DAY in addition to the TWO PER NIGHT Mon-Thurs. It's really making me think that I could let go of the dayjob and do therapy at the center full-time.

That would actually be my dream come true. Work in New York, live in New York, and get rid of my car, car insurance, car payments, and the need to find parking constantly. Plus it would pay me a nice amonut of money, and I wouldn't have to work more than 30 hours a week.

The only drawbacks is no insurance benefits (unless I find a carrier) and I have to pay my own taxes, plus the flow of clients are not guaranteed. Somehow, I think those things are surmountable.

Let me just go on my vacations (this weekend and next month) and take a few breaths before I consider this again, because right now--oh my. It sounds good.

I promise to take pics. :-)


fringes said...

Waffle House, eh?

Alan said...

Hecckkkk-kk YES. During my first few years in Missouri, Waffle House was my weekend treat. They were one of the few places that served grits, so I'd order sunnyside up eggs, sausage and grits, then mix it all up together so that the yolks made the grits golden-yellow, with nice chunks of the sausage.


GrizzBabe said...

Grits and sausage?!? That's music to this Southern girl's ears. What's even more musical is that you, a Yankee, are salivating over grits.

I eat mine with a little bit of salt and LOTS of butter. And I prefer them thick instead of runny.

Alan said...

Thick, DEFINITELY. Butter, ABSOLUTELY. I challenge you to fry two eggs sunnyside up, lay them on top of your thick buttery grits, and fork the concoction until you have a mound of yellowy, gritty sunshine.


GrizzBabe said...

Make those eggs over easy, and you've got a deal!

Tera said...

I have a couple of vacations coming up myself! I'm going to Nashville, and to New Orleans! Have fun Alan!

SolarisGal said...

Enjoy your vacation for some of us who won't be able to take one this summer! (me) Take lots of pictures and enjoy! You deserve it! :)

Scott said...

I miss seeing you around, Alan. I also want to comment on the progress of your comtemporary lit novel, as in, is there any progress? Get crackin' kid.

Alan said...

Grizz, over easy does it!

Tera, mission accomplished! You have as much fun as I had!

Solaris, do your best to get a vacation. I'm amazed at how much I needed this. We all do.

Scott, thanks for missing me my friend! The novel is most definitely still on the hopper, and surely I will get some time to write more, but you know how it is--only so many hours in the day. Plus the premise keeps morphing as I live more life. I'm told autobiographies in novelization form do not work real well, but also to "write what you know" so I'm a little torn. I think I'll just let it fly and see what I end up with.