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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Long Way Home

So yesterday I utilized my phone in the absence of a canceled client and called two friends who I never call. One for the first time ever and the other who's place I have a standing invite to visit (in the city) and have not yet done so, These were good, friendly, lighthearted, hobby-related convos. It took the edge off, as do the meds.

So after the client that did attend (two per night) I recalled my strive to be happy, and I decided to photograph my journey from the counseling center to revive my sense of wonder that I wound up in this position.

After I come out of the center, I look up the street to the west, then head there.

I get to the corner and take a look around. I realize I'm not sightseeing in this beautiful place. I belong here.

I turn north on 7th Avenue toward Central Park.

I get to the corner of Central Park South and 7th Ave.

Crossing CPS, I look west again and am lifted by the beauty of Columbus Circle. Those are the two towers that the Cloverfield monster leaned on and the foolish heroes of the movie scaled up in to rescue the damsel in distress.

After crossing CPS, I plunge into the verdant depths.

I go further in. This is how I like my green--topped with the towers of Manhattan, with sexy joggers all around.

I go further in still.

I round a path.

And happen upon the newly designed Blurry Kingdom of the Chidren. Mind you, it is about 8:20pm, but it is Summer and the sun has not set yet.

Turning west again, I pass Blurry Kingdom and draw near to Blurry Rock.

Like hundreds of others in this woodland, here is a Path Not Taken.

From the Vale of the Blurry Rock and Blurry Kingdom, I ascend to the North-South jogging road.

It crosses many an ornate bridge.

And winds past many a green meadow. Sheep's Meadow, in fact. Where on a sunny weekend, you can see dozens, if not hundreds, of bodies basting.

My foot, properly clothed, on the curb of yon jogging path, older than any of you reading this, and probably older than your parents too.

The Blurry Hounds strain at their mistress' leash in attempt to rend the small fluffy white dogs. Miraculously, the mistress is able to deter them. The Blue Knight to the left is none too sure.

And lo, our journey brings us to the Tavern on The Green.

Where the chariots await lovers and families of all ages.

I have concourse with two of yon steed. They will have none of my traffick, for they are ensconced in their vittles. Or dreams of escape. I cannot tell.

The night is falling and so I make my way out of the Park.

Before I reach Central Park West, a magic pool reflects a world where the inhabitants live with their feet in the air and the heads upon their ceilings.

I cross Central Park West, looking north. I find it isn't as dark outside that park as inside.

My journey from CPW to Broadway is an uneventful one, and so I do not chronical it in pictures. Now I am on Broadway, facing North. I could take the 1 train att 66th, but I get another idea. (I saw The Incredible Hulk in this theater on Friday, btw).

Further north I go until I reach the 70's. Rent in this building is easily in the low $2000's.

Here's where the 1 train stops at 72nd St. It's also where My Super Ex-Girlfriend (played by Uma Thurman) extinguished a fire in a classic building that would be located over my left shoulder if this pic where actually a hologram and you could look behind me.

I move slightly forward, aligned with the 72nd St station to my left and...

...happen upon the politically active Gray's Papaya! Yes!! My bright idea comes to fruition!!

The Recession Special for $3.50. That's Pina Colada in the cup. No ice. It was smooth and delicious.

And as I balance my drink while nibbling down these salty dogs of war, I think to myself, I have it good. I love this city. I belong here. I'm staying.

It's the little things.


fringes said...

Very nice post. Those pictures make me wish I lived in New York. Until I remembered I can feed a family of four in a very nice Houston restaurant for under 40 bucks.

Shade of Scorpio said...

I heart NY. Heart heart heart.....

My fave especially are the 'Tavern' shots.

You don't need to tell ME you belong. I already knew that. =)

Alan said...

Fringes, duh! You could feed them at Gray's Papaya for $15.00! No tax, no tip! They've been having the Recession Special for twenty years now. Funny, but I think it went up a dollar since last I lived in NYC...

Dawn, "Start spreadin' the news..."

GrizzBabe said...

New York is absolutely gorgeous.

Tera said...

Love the pictures! I MUST make it to New York someday!