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Thursday, October 2, 2008

But, Still I Don't Understand...

If we're in an economic crisis, why is the price of gas still going down?

NOT THAT I AM COMPLAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAINIIIIING--!!!! But still, I don't understand.

Why is gas still over 3.00 a gallon? Why was it EVER almost 4.00 a gallon (in Jersey)? Why?? If the people who made it expensive did it in the land of sand and Arabs, why don't they do it now--now that the dollar appears so threatened and devalued on the world market? Surely Ol' George looks worse now that our banks are failing and our stock market is in a freefall toward the snowcapped mountain range wherein lies cannibalism for the survivors?? SURELY??


The above picture was taken today, Oct 2nd, 2008, four days after I took the last one.


Tera said...

Alan you raise a very good question here...I wish I had an easy answer. And surely Dubya knows how bad he looks right now right?

The Neighbor said...

It's 3.79 downhere, and in Charlotte, it's actually scarce. I smell a fat cat rat who wants to drive profits up while the rest of the nation watches Palin and Biden get it on.