When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Save Me


I have a date on Saturday.

With a boy.


Eliel Mamousette said...

Executive Summary:
Be honest and be yourself.

Congratulations. Scary a$$ed $hit you're taking on. But the scariest part for Saturday is the fact that you're going on a date with someone. There's a tendency to hide behind a different persona when you're out like that [pun not intended]. But you should try to keep that in check.

The Neighbor said...


Definitely be yourself. Definitely feel love for yourself. Definitely be proud of who you are and how you feel.


I'm so effing proud of you, my man. SO proud.

And if you ask me, this is the best saving you could possibly hope for. I hope you hit it off. I fully endorse eliel's reccs - be honest and forthright and unafraid. You need to be yourself, because that's the guy you want someone to like. And so if you're not yourself, and they like you, well, you're kind of off on the wrong foot.

Sweet. This is sweet. You made my week, Alan.

GrizzBabe said...


Please tell us how it goes.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Now I DID go and say to have quite the time on your birthday, didn't I? God gave you a gift with a ribbon on it???!!!! Holy carp! Yes!!!!! Oh but so scant on the details.....waiting...waiting...!!!!!

David A Price said...

Ya got me smiling here, man. I'm giddy for you.

Alan said...

To keep yourselves busy until I post on Saturday night (or Sunday morning), can you speculate here in the comments as to how this date came about?

GrizzBabe said...

Ummm, let's see. Some hot gay guy read your blog and emailed you to ask for a date. You initially turned him down because you weren't sure if you are really gay or not, but then he asked "How do you know you don't like rollarcoasters if you've never been on one?" You said, "Good point. What the hell!" And the rest is history.

The Neighbor said...

Well. Speaking in purely chronological contexts, it's Saturday + 5 or so.
But you know, we're waiting. We're patient. We're wishing you (BOTH of YOU!!??) love, or at least excitement. . .

And if not, then it's easy to recall that not every one is for everyone.

Alan said...

It's up.

Let the chips fall.