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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Loving America

So lately, yeah. I have friends who remain loyal to themselves and their own ideals and beliefs, even when it takes them away from what's important to me. I've learned to accept this. Who doesn't have the right to their own opinion? Their experience is uniquely theirs, so they will formulate a worldview based on what they see out of their own eyes and feel through their own heart.


That said, I do wish that they knew how good I felt about being an American these days. I've never ever felt as American as I do right now. I've never felt as accepted in this country, by this country, as I do now. And it's because you guys want Obama.

You want him because you believe in his politics, or because you've always voted Democrat, or you despise Bush, or McCain gives you the creeps, or whatever. But what's important to me is that the color of Barack Obama's skin did not make him illegitimate for the Presidency in your eyes.

So obviously I'm speaking to you, my white people. Everywhere I go and see an Obama pin on a white person's backpack, or an Obama bumper sticker on a white driver's car I feel like I've been hugged and welcomed into my own country. I feel like I finally know how some white people feel when they look at me. I feel like some walls have finally come down.

And it's enough for me. I want Obama to be the President, and if it doesn't happen, I'll understand why. Yes, there are people in my country who will say, have said, "There's no way I'm voting for a nigger!" but that particular voice is the minority. On the whole, those who don't vote for Obama is doing it because they have always voted Republican, or they are concerned about their money and believe that Obama wants to destroy their financial security, or whatever. But most people who will not vote for Obama will choose this based on their own political beliefs, not because of the color of Obama's skin.

And for that, I am thankful. I finally feel like I have my place in society. I finally feel like the ignorant things said behind closed doors no longer matter to my future and the future of my children and their children, and their children's children.

So let the white lady clutch her purse in the elevator when I walk on. Let the white driver lock their cardoor at the stoplight when I'm on the sidewalk. Let the white sales clerk follow me around the store until I'm done shopping. Let 'em. That's their individual ignorance, and it means nothing to me.

country supports the idea of a Black President.


A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Then feel my huge ass hug on November 4th when the lever with my fingerprints slices into category Obama!

Alan said...

And let me clarify. My country supports the idea of a Black President, even if they aren't voting for this one in particular. They would have voted for Colin Powell instead (who, if my Yahoo news can be believed, endorsed Barack Obama today or yesterday).

Trixie said...

If I could vote for america, I would vote for Obama. Crossing all my fingers for him.

GrizzBabe said...

I wasn't so sure I agreed with your assumption that the country as a whole is ready for a black President because I live in the South where people still think he's the antichrist. But then I changed my mind when I thought about the staggering amount of money Obama has raised. That in itself points to a widespread acceptance.

GrizzBabe said...

And not just by black folk.

Alan said...

I'll clarify some more--in my mind, the fact that he is one of two major people getting press time as a nominee for President means that it is legitimate. From the superdelegates to the media to the Starbucks barista--all a chain of people who said "Why not? There is no reason why not. A black man is just as good as a white man. A black man can be President just as legitimately as a white man."

That's what I mean. That's what I've been waiting to see. Whoever disagrees with this assumption did not get their way. Obama is there. They did not stop him. Prejudice, racism, ignorance, hatred and 300 years of injustice did not win. The world looks and the world sees--Black people and White people Are. Equal.


The Neighbor said...

I voted today. If America weren't guaranteed a secret ballot in the Constitution, I'd tell you I voted for a black man for President of the United States. But we do. But I did.

David A Price said...

Our Obama lawn sign finally arrived and when I wake up in the morning it's going to be planted under the bay window or in front of the boxwoods, whichever spot makes more sense.

I can't wait 'til the fourth!

Geovanie said...

Canada votes Obama!

At least this Canadian does.

bulletholes said...

Alan, your post really got me.
I grew uo in Detroit , was there for the riots and I am proud that we've come so far and ashamed that its taken so long.
Obama has a great message.
So do you.